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This site contains explicit stories of sex & BDSM, and is not suitable for readers under 18. These stories are fantasy.
This site contains over 100 free stories. If you enjoy them, please comment or send me a tip.

The Proper Fingering

Charlotte was in need of discipline. She finds a new cello instructor who takes her in hand. A surprisingly intense story that started from just one long title: The Proper Fingering is Essential When Attempting the Works of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Stories of the Order of Dionysus

The Order of Dionysus is a mysterious society that gathers in secret to do perverse things. They revel in hedonism. Pleasure is their guide. This book contains nine short stories about this sex cult and their hidden meetings and plans. From those who stumble upon clues about them, to their inner workings, this books exposes some of the many secrets of this dark and alluring Order.

Mr. McIntyre’s Secret

It’s the 1960s. Abigail is a mousy secretary who is in love with her boss. He’s brilliant, handsome, charming, and powerful. She isn’t satisfied typing his letters and organizing his affairs. But once she steps into his world, she finds nothing is as she expected. Mr....

That Sort of Thing

The story of a woman named Valentine who meets a charming writer of risqué stories. As she is seduced by his words she is also confronted by the guilt of playing his taboo games. Will reality live up to the dirty fantasies?

Greedy Queen

While bored in a business meeting, Henry gets a text from the woman he can’t get out of his head. The message is a shot of her thick thighs and a brief sentence informing him that she just got out of the spa, where she got waxed completely bare. What comes next is a tense tale of waiting and wanting and finally delicious satisfaction.

The Secret I Couldn’t Keep

She sent him some pictures, because he asked. He was obsessed from the start. When she came to the city to visit him, he couldn’t help himself. She had secrets and just needed an excuse to tell them to someone.


I’m very fond of this story. It’s the future. A woman orders a top-of-the-line sex robot. She’s not sure what to expect. Will it be a dead-eyed doll? Will she fall in love? What she gets is kindness. What she gets is help understanding what she wants.

Earning My Coffee

A very early story of mine. An intimate morning game. Exploring switching and involving one of my favorite activities: queening or facesitting.

A Meal of You

A playful fairytale inspired by Alice in Wonderland. A girl slips into a fantastical world and is thrown into a frightening adventure. Don’t read this if you are offended by very questionable consent, attempted cannibalism, obscene cutlery, mammoth root vegetables, and/or the misuse of butter.

Old Gray Bill

Catherine was fascinated by Old Bill down the hall. He was a writer, who had a pretty girl come and type his stories, and after, Catherine could hear the sound of spanking.

Knife Game

“You should be careful my hands could slip,” he said with a smile. The knife dragged along her exposed inner thigh and she froze.

The Girl in the Beret

The girl at the end of the bar, in the beret, reading a book. She passes you a note. “I live very close by. Are you still up for a fight? You could hit me. I would like that.”

The App

An app that lets people into consensual non-consent plan dirty little affairs. A map, an unlocked door, an invitation.

Game Face

She wanted to play his videogame, but in return she agreed to play his other game. The game where she sits on his face.

Lady in Waiting

Isabelle is kind of a princess. A pillow princess. When she invites Ava over, Ava always knows what it’s for. She can’t help it though.

Roy M. Johnson

In the preface of Delta of Venus, Nin explains how a “wealthy collector” hired her, Henry Miller, and various others to write erotica for $1 a page. I explore that idea and talk about the identity of that collector.

History Lesson

I think the first time I considered any kind of poly, it was in a remarkably unhealthy situation. This was more than fifteen years ago. I was living out west with my girlfriend at the time. We were in bad places mentally, emotionally, every way. Our relationship would...