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This site contains explicit stories of sexual & kinky fantasies and is not intended for readers under 18.

Short Stories

Lucy’s Game

It started as just a little game between Lucy and me. How I’d tease her and how she’d blush and pout. “You know the only reason I like you is because of your big tits,” I’d say, pushing her into a corner and feeling her up. “Rude! How could you say that!” she’d whine,...


“The other night, I was so exhausted,” she said, pulling off her long socks. He was looking in the mirror, gauging the length of his stubble, rubbing his hand across his cheek. “I peeled off my clothes and dropped them on the floor, and then you scolded me and made me...

Putting Things Together

She promised not to smoke if I just came over. When I got there, she stank of mouthwash, and she didn’t know what to do with her hands. You could always tell the state of Amanda’s life by the state of her lips. As she moved in to kiss my cheek, I saw that those...

Sunday Girl

A somewhat sweet story about casual kink. Well, as sweet as a story can be about tying someone to a bed and using them all day.

The Dinner Party

Bethany Paige had beautiful huge round wine glasses. They were fish bowls with stems. Not only were they enormous, but there were so many of them. There had to be twenty-five people stuffed into her Williamsburg loft and every guest held one of these goblets. Plus...

Leaving for Paris

Julia went to see James in New York before she left for Paris. When she wrote him that she was moving there, he was the only one who didn’t ask her why. That was James. That was why she had to see him before she went. She took the train from Philly into New York, and...

As He Liked It

She had been eyeing his suit since 59th Street. When the train emptied at 14th, she took the sudden exodus as an excuse to sit next to him. “I’ve never seen working sleeve buttons up close. It’s such a beautiful detail,” she said, her fingers hovering over his light...


The Shaving Lesson

To meet the husband of your lover is a strange thing. To realize he was flirting with you was quite another. Henry poked at his eggs and smiled nervously as Adam and Kay whispered to each other, both pairs of their pretty eyes sparkling at him as they conspired. Henry...

The Valet

The dry cleaner (a lovely woman from Belarus, I believe) had my order hanging near the cash register, waiting for me. She tried to brush away my tip, but as always, she eventually conceded with a smile and daintily shoved the few extra dollars (as daintily as someone...

Faux Hunt

To test his bride to be, Dandy Jack and his cadre of gentleman hunters switch out a fox for a lovely red-headed vixen.

The Secret I Couldn’t Keep

She sent him some pictures, because he asked. He was obsessed from the start. When she came to the city to visit him, he couldn’t help himself. She had secrets and just needed an excuse to tell them to someone.

Earning My Coffee

A very early story of mine. An intimate morning game. Exploring switching and involving one of my favorite activities: queening or facesitting.

Ménage à Text

Truth be told, Elise didn’t even really like him. That’s not to say she wasn’t already wet when she got off at his subway stop and climbed the familiar stairs into the lingering evening sun. She hadn’t been to his apartment in weeks. She hadn’t walked through the...

The Crush

That morning, after we fucked, Amy told me that she had a crush on a boy. I was still half asleep as she sat on the edge of the bed and slowly slipped on her bra. I watched as she fumbled a bit with the tiny bent clasps. She was a pouting princess sometimes. There was...

Essays & Blog

Review – Auletris by Anaïs Nin

A few new Anaïs Nin stories were unearthed and published. I review these somewhat unfinished and unpolished erotic works from one of my favorite authors.

Roy M. Johnson

In the preface of Delta of Venus, Nin explains how a “wealthy collector” hired her, Henry Miller, and various others to write erotica for $1 a page. I explore that idea and talk about the identity of that collector.


This website is the home of the works of Jack Stratton. These stories are purely fantasy. Some of these stories contain elements of non-consent, taboo or simply very unhealthy relationships and acts. The author doesn’t condone any of these things. In life, consent is key. In art, anything goes.

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