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This site contains explicit stories of sexual & kinky fantasies and is not intended for readers under 18.

Being Neighborly

For Davie, the best part of working from home was that he didn’t have to pretend to be something he wasn’t. He could be himself… well, except for the shirt he had to wear during video conferences.

He sat at his desk, back straight, big smile, trying not to giggle, knowing that no one in the meeting knew that he wasn’t wearing but a shirt and a pair of socks. As he listened to his coworkers drone on about budgets and reports, his bare legs slipped against each other. Smooth, soft, lotioned, and recently waxed, it felt luxurious to scissor them back and forth and enjoy the feel of his skin.

After his last morning meeting, he yawned and stretched and looked around his little apartment for something to do. After about an hour of rubbing his legs together during meetings and occasionally reaching down between meetings to tease his smooth, hard cock, he was in quite a state.

Carefully, without making too much of a point of it, he turned a little and, out of the corner of his eye, saw his neighbor’s bedroom through his window. He had noticed how his neighbor’s window was parallel to his, and occasionally, he saw his neighbor walking around, watching television, or on his computer. Once or twice their eyes had even met.

Davie was fond of walking around naked, and so he was sure his neighbor had seen him at some point. Still, his neighbor’s blinds and curtains stayed open, and he never heard a word of complaint.

That particular morning, he saw that his neighbor seemed to be working at home just like he was.

His neighbor was tall and somewhat burly. The opposite of short, petite, and pixie-like Davie. As he walked around his bedroom, he thought about that big muscular man’s eyes on his lithe body. He let that feeling flow through him, making his movement even more catlike, feminine, and seductive.

He played on his computer a bit more, almost absentmindedly perusing porn. That week he was mainly into Gloryhole videos. Girls or boys, it didn’t really matter. On their knees in dirty rooms, being treated to big thick cocks, anonymously being pushed through holes to be serviced.

There was a certain twisted intimacy to watching that kind of porn. The way the models, on their knees, forgot about the camera quickly, and all of their attention became focused on the demanding cocks.

Though blow jobs were the main activity in the videos, Davie liked it when they actually fucked in the Gloryholes. How all that sucking got people so worked up, they broke the whole conceit of the situation and pressed their greedy asses or cunts against the holes to be used, raw, by anyone who wanted them.

It only took about ten minutes of movies to get Davie into a state where he couldn’t keep his hands off himself. Again, he remembered his neighbor. He turned slightly and caught sight of him. Broad-shouldered, dark hair, bearded. A beefy daddy type. 

Davie went to his closet and looked for the toy he didn’t use very much. It was a big red cock, bigger than a human cock, bright crimson like the cock of an animal or demon. He bent low as he looked for it, aiming his ass at the window, hoping his neighbor could see him bent over, butt in the air. He put the big dildo on the floor and then moved it back a little to ensure it was in view of his audience.

Davie pulled off his shirt and rubbed his nipples, pulling them a little, twisting them. He got his lube and worked it over the big tool. He worked his ass, too, slipping one finger and then two. In his mind, his neighbor was watching.

He crouched over the massive cock and pressed the fat head of it against his ass. It took a while to work any of it into him, but he was patient and experienced. He knew how to get something into his little ass. It just took time and pressure and lube, and persistence.

When he got it a few inches in, he couldn’t stop himself. He turned and saw the bearded neighbor. He was standing at his window, watching. Their eyes met for a second. The man seemed to gasp, and he turned, walked away, and pulled the curtain closed slightly.

Davie rode the big red cock a little more. Teasing himself, rubbing his nipples, and occasionally stroking his cock, but just enough to leave him on the edge, all the while picturing his bearded neighbor watching.

When he felt like he couldn’t take it anymore without coming, Davie got off the toy and put it away. He was pouty and needy after being stretched by the toy. He rolled around on his bed, waiting for his neighbor to return.

It only took a few minutes for the bearded man to return, peeking from the edge of the window, trying to hide behind the curtain. Davie spotted him right away, though, and he jumped up, hard cock bouncing against his tight tummy, as he bit his lip and batted his eyelashes. 

The man seemed too shocked to move. He watched from his half-hidden position. Davie gave him a little more of a show until, finally, with a giggle, he drew his own curtains in mock modesty.

Davie was high with the electric power of putting on such a show. He considered what to do next, looking around for another toy or outfit. His eyes, instead, landed on the long raincoat by his door. He took a deep breath. “Why not?” He asked himself. He slipped the coat on and tied the little belt. He took a deep breath and swallowed, and opened his front door.

They lived in a small complex of simple townhouses. Few people were home during the day, so Davie wasn’t especially worried about getting caught. He was only going one house over anyhow. He tiptoed over his lawn and onto his neighbor’s driveway. He got to the front door and found his heart was racing. He rang the doorbell.

It took a minute for the door to open. Davie wondered if his neighbor might ignore the doorbell, but finally, the tall bearded man opened the door. He was red-faced, his eyes wide, and his jaw clenched.

“It’s so funny, I saw you from my window, and I thought, ‘oh my gosh, my neighbor is working from home too!’ So I thought I’d come over, and maybe we could co-work,” Davie said, twisting and fidgeting and letting his coat open slightly.

The tall man was in gray sweatpants and a black tank top. He looked like he might be on his way to the gym. He stammered and sputtered. “I don’t-I mean, I’m not-” he started.

Davie rolled his eyes. He didn’t have time to play around. He pulled his coat open and wiggled his hips a little.

The beefy man’s eyes bulged, and so did whatever was under his sweatpants, which was betraying all the things he seemed to be trying to say.

“It’s okay! We don’t have to do anything. I just saw you watching me and thought since we’re neighbors, we should hang out. Get to know each other. You know!” 

The big man frowned, unsure. Davie gave him another smile and then bit his bottom lip and looked down, batting his eyelashes. “So, can I come in? It’s kind of cold out here!” 

The man opened the door a little more and stepped out of the way, seemingly more out of fear of someone seeing something than anything else. Davie jumped up in joy. His wide bright smile returned as he flounced in.

The small living room was similar to Davie’s own, with slightly more masculine furniture. A huge television, a giant sectional couch. Davie plopped down on the couch and let his coat fall open again.

“I’m Davie!” He said with a big smile. The man looked down at him and rubbed his beard with worry. “I’m, um, Bill,” he said, still seeming worried someone might suddenly bust in and catch them.

“Mmm, big Billy with the burly beard. I like it. I bet it tickles,” Davie said with another giggle.

Bill frowned. “You can’t be doing that. Out there, I mean. Neighbors might see.”

Davie rolled his eyes. “Nobody is home around here except for us. I know the schedule of this whole part of the complex. It’s just you and me, Billy. Nobody is around to hear us scream and moan,” he said, sitting back, his cock hard again and pointing up.

Billy’s eyes were on Davie’s cock. His frown melted into a look of hunger.

“I guess I was a little bad out there, though. Maybe you should spank me,” Davie laughed, jumping up and getting on his hands and knees on the couch, wiggling his perfectly round ass in the air. 

Bill seemed to be trying hard not to stare at Davie’s perfect ass and pink little asshole or his smoothly waxed balls, but he couldn’t seem to look away. 

“I should punish you for all of this. Being a little showoff, keeping your curtains open, and doing all that perverted shit. Getting me all worked up,” Bill grumbled. 

“What? Sitting on my dildo? That’s hardly even perverted. You should have seen what I was watching right before I was doing it!” Davie laughed. “Anyhow, you watched, which means you must have liked it at least a little, or you would have looked away or maybe closed your curtains.”

Davie’s laugh was cut off as Bill pounced on him. He held down the pretty little femme boy’s body, reveling in the strength of his own large hands and how Davie whined and yelped as he was easily wrestled to the floor.

Davie’s coat came off quickly, and he looked boyish and small, naked on the carpet. Bill held him down with one hand on the back of his neck as he spanked his ass a few times. His fingers left red marks on Davie’s skin instantly.

Davie’s cheek was pressed to the carpet, and he looked up at Bill with drugged eyes. 

Suddenly there was a loud beep, and Bill let go of Davie and stood. “Shit, I have to get that. Stay here,” he said, walking to his bedroom.

Davie panted, slowly getting up off the ground. His cheeks were red, and his cock was hard and dripped with pre-come from the tussle. He sat up and then stood, slowly following Bill to his bedroom.

Bill was typing quickly, answering emails, and clicking through messages. As he did, Davie looked around the room that he had only seen bits of. Like the rest of the apartment, it was similar to his own, only a bit more masculine and spartan. 

When Bill was finished with his work messages, he turned to watch Davie explore his bedroom.

“I told you to stay in the other room,” Bill said, narrowing his eyes.

“I guess I’m not good at listening,” David said with a bratty grin. He opened the drawer of the nightstand next to Bill’s bed and found a bottle of lube.

“How convenient, you have this right next to your bed. Is that what you use to jerk your big cock off? I bet that’s a lovely sight. Stroking that big cock all slick and smooth,” he said, squirting a little in his hand.

Bill walked over and took the bottle out of his hand. “Leave that alone,” he growled. “At least I do that kind of stuff out in the open. Teasing people through their window.”

Davie’s smile widened. “Oh? It’s teasing, is it? I thought it was just perverted stuff. Teasing means you liked it. You can only tease someone with something they want. Do you want me, Billy?”

Bill pounced on him again, this time wrapping his big hand around Davie’s neck. “Don’t call me Billy,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Yeah, teasing me when I’m supposed to be working—teasing me with perverted stuff—putting on a show with your big dildo. You’re a little freak, and I should teach you a lesson,” he said. All the while, he watched Davie’s face turn from blissed masochism, to fear, to purple.

He finally let go, and Davie gasped for breath, sputtering and coughing.

“Aw, what’s the matter? Too rough for you?” Bill laughed.

“I have another meeting in a few minutes, and I can’t be all tense and hard, so I guess it’s time for you to make yourself useful,” he said, grabbing Davie’s leg and pushing him around the bed. 

The smooth legs of the boy spread so easily for him. His hairless crotch and hard, reddening cock making Bill smile cruelly.

“You better not tell anybody about this,” he growled. Davie saw lust in Bill’s eyes. He liked being an object to lust. He liked being hurt too. 

The big man knelt on the ground in front of his bed and greedily took Davie’s cock in his mouth. The heat and wetness were a shock to Davie’s system. He moaned and clutched at the sheets, and he watched Bill easily slip his entire cock into his mouth.

It didn’t seem like it was Bill’s first time. He expertly brought Davie to the edge, stopping before he came. Bill laughed as Davie whined, wanting more.

Bill ignored his pleading and roughly turned him around. He reached over to his drawer and pulled out the lube Davie had found. As David watched, he saw Bill pull down his sweatpants and finally reveal his fat cock. It was thick and hard, and Bill stroked with fingers covered in lube until it glistened.

Davie knew it was a lot to take, but he’d warmed himself up with the dildo. He pushed his ass up instinctively. Bill slapped his bottom again, so hard it made Davie wince.

“I’m going to fuck your little ass hard enough that you remember not to tease me,” he said through gritted teeth. He pushed David down again, guiding his cock to the tight pink entrance of Davie’s ass. 

He laid down on top of Davie, slipping an arm around his neck, like a wrestler’s choke hold. He worked the head of his cock into the boy’s ass as he tightened his grip.

“Let me in, you little pretty boy. Push your ass back against me, or I’ll fucking choke you out and full your limp body,” he growled into Davie’s ear.

Davie pushed his ass back, trying to follow orders. Bill’s thick arm was easily choking him, making the world blurry, making his head fuzzy.

Davie’s ass gave more and more. Well lubed, well warmed up, and all of Davie’s muscles loosening as he almost passed out. Bill laughed a little as he let up slightly, and Davie gasped for breath. He was in, though. Pumping hard into the little femboy’s smooth body. Fucking him hard and fast while the memories of all those times he had watched him frolic around half-naked ran through his head.

It didn’t take long. Bill grunted as he sped up his pace. He let go of Davie’s neck and spit on his hand, then he reached down and took Davie’s cock and stroked it fast. He used his ass hard until he felt the orgasm build and build until it finally exploded.

He shot his load inside the boy, slowing and letting out long moans as he did. His hand never stopped, and Davie came all over the bed as he felt Bill unload inside of him.

They panted and gasped as their bodies suddenly stopped moving. After a moment, Bill got up and drank some water. He passed the glass to Davie, who took it and drank as well, suddenly seeming shy.

“Now get the fuck out. I have a meeting. And don’t do any of that perverted shit in front of your open window unless you are going to come over and take care of my cock. You understand?”

Davie nodded, trying to hide his smile. He jumped up and found his overcoat as he watched Bill get a towel and start cleaning himself up.

Davie ran home, still covering in his own come and Bill’s come. He knew he needed a shower, but he also needed to sit down and plan his next show.