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This site contains explicit stories of sexual & kinky fantasies and is not intended for readers under 18.


We didn't speak. It was something we decided early on, in emails and texts and our conversations in the café that sat in between our apartment buildings. Over time, one by one, we took away each line of communication. As our negotiations went on and our boundaries...

The Girl in the Beret

The girl at the end of the bar, in the beret, reading a book. She passes you a note. “I live very close by. Are you still up for a fight? You could hit me. I would like that.”

The Writing Group

I was reminded today of our old writing group. The secret one. The one that involved lots of drinking and dirty words and laughs. To be honest, my favorite part of our old writing group had to be Lisa Tan’s pussy…

A Useful Girl

Teasing can be fun, but it’s important to know everyone’s lines. Though sometimes, you learn someone gets wet when you make fun of them. Then there are all kinds of games you can play.

Morning Paper

It was simple. Any time she masturbated or had any kind of sexual encounter, she would stop by his apartment the next morning and hand him a note with the details. He would read it in front of her while he had his coffee.

Sleepy Girls

She was such a pretty girl when she was sleeping. So soft and pliable, with her eyes closed and her defenses down. Her warm skin under soft sheets called to me, and I couldn’t keep my hungry hands away. Tiny kisses wouldn’t wake her. Neither did the careful parting of...


As Jason showed me around the big house, I was impressed by the space. A modern kitchen with a six-burner stove. A fireplace and huge television in the living room. “We have a hot tub out on the back deck. Business-class internet. The neighborhood is great—lots of...

Morning with Them

Birds chirped, and the sun crept in from the small opening between the curtains. It was enough to rouse us. I held myself in that place between sleep and waking. Smelling the cold air that drifted in over the heat of the radiator. I heard a sigh and felt them turn,...


When I think about Jasmine, I remember the hours of kissing. I remember the humidity of our attraction. How we locked ourselves in my bedroom, and it was like we turned into teenagers fogging up the windows as we wrestled in the backseat of a car at Makeout Point. But...