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Renting a Girl from the Mall 2: BFFs

After procuring the services of a beautiful nineteen year old girl, Mark is training his young paid playmate Megan on how to seduce her best friend into their kinky world. Will Ashley be convinced to follow her best friend down the rabbit hole and into a twisted and kinky lifestyle?

Renting a Girl from the Mall

Mark had been watching the teenage minx from the mall for weeks. He couldn’t get her out of his mind with her huge eyes, goth outfits and fake cat ears poking up from her black hair. When he found out she was in financial trouble he did what any nice man would do, he offers her money for sex.

Carolyn Blushes

Mark’s roommate has a pretty new girlfriend. Mark is immediately drown to her innocence. He likes to make her blush and wants to do more. He’s going to do more. Trigger warning: involves dubious consent and force.