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“Promise?” she whispered.

Her pink t-shirt was pulled up, as was her bra. Her thick black-rimmed glasses were almost falling off, and her bangs were in her eyes. Her breasts were big, pert, the imprint of the lace of her bra left pink and red patterns on the soft skin. Their eyes locked, and she squeezed one breast hard as her hips swayed. Her eyes were thickly rimmed around with black makeup, and the corner of one eye was smeared.

She was straddling his legs as he laid back on the couch. Her smooth legs in knee-high white socks, making her thick thighs look even more naked. 

She moved one hand down and grasped his cock again, biting her lip as she played with it.

“I promise, but you’re the one on top,” he said quietly, aware of roommates who might or might not be asleep in a nearby bedroom.

“Fuck, it’s so hot,” she said, spitting on her hand and then pulling on his cock, letting her wet palm twist around it.

“I just want to rub against it a little. I can’t put it in, though,” she said.

She’d told him they couldn’t go all the way. They could do everything but. He’d been fine with that, she was beautiful and funny and smart, and they’d kissed on the couch for hours, teasing and grinding against each other as their clothes came off a piece an hour.

He looked down as she pressed his cock against the bottom of his stomach and then pushed herself up, so she was sitting on it. His cock was laying just in-between the lips of her pussy as she moved up and down, grinding her clit against his hardness. He could see the pink lips slipping against the shaft and the white skin of her tan-lined crotch contrasting the tan of her thighs and the bright pink of her thigh-high socks.

The sight was almost too much. After she rubbed twice against him, he could feel her wetness, making their parts slick against each other. Her breath caught when that happened, and she leaned down, unable to sit up anymore, as she continued to move against him.

Her breasts swung slowly, and so he sat up enough to lean over and lick at one nipple. She let out a moan, her nipples being far more sensitive than most women he knew. As he sucked on it, she ground down hard on his cock.

A few times, when she leaned back a bit, it almost felt like he was going to slip into her, but she always moved back.

“I think I can come like this,” she said, her eyes far away as she moved.

He thought he might be able to too, but he didn’t think that was in the rules. He’d have to move her off him if he felt like he was getting close.

She leaned down and kissed him on the lips, her hips moving faster. Her glasses fell off and clattered to the floor somewhere.

Then, suddenly, some angle changed, and the head of his cock slipped in. He gasped, and she froze. She just hovered there, breathing hard.

“Bad, bad,” she whispered to herself and moved enough so that he popped back out.

Then she was rubbing again, a little harder, short motions forward and back. He could feel her hard clit on the shaft of his cock, and his whole body was mourning the feeling of slipping into her tightness.

“So close,” she said, moving faster again.

He felt like the wetness almost doubled as she slipped against him, and then she let out a yelp as she moved, and his cock slipped in again, this time almost all the way. She groaned and grunted in frustration, but she didn’t move off of him. His cock was still inside.

“We’re not supposed to,” she whined, her hands on his chest, almost pushing herself off of his cock, but then sinking down a little lower.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned, the feeling of her soaked pussy tight around him after so much friction making his whole body tighten.

“It’s so hard,” she said, pushing down until his whole cock was inside of her.

“We should stop,” he whispered, desperately wanting to fuck her.

“Yeah, it’s bad,” she said, moving up and then down on his cock.

“We’re not supposed to,” he gasped, as his hands moved to her hips.

“We’re not-oh fuck-allowed,” she said, starting to just ride his cock all the way.

He pulled her down on it by her hips, and she pushed herself back up, pressing her hands against his chest. She was so wet they could both hear the slick sounds of their fucking.

“I’ll stop, just-in one second,” she whined.

“Yeah, we should,” he said, suddenly thrusting his hips up and grabbing her hips tight.

“Please, please fuck me,” she said, kissing him again, her breasts pressing against his chest and her arms slipping around him.

They rolled over on the couch, most of the cushions falling off. Then she was on her back, her legs open wide, and he was driving into her.

“Hit me,” she said between moans.

Their eyes locked again as he fucked her hard and then taking her face in one hand, slapping her hard across the cheek with the other. Then he moved his hand behind her head and took her hair in his fist, and drove into her harder while he kissed her.

She was gone then, her eyes unfocused and her pussy tightening around him so hard it hurt.

“Coming-” she mumbled along with a string of incoherent sounds.

He let her come, feeling his own orgasm almost there, but waiting, waiting as the white-hot pressure built.

“I’m-” he started and pulled away from her, but she wouldn’t let him. Her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands around his torso.

“No, I’m going to-” he tried, but she was moving her hips, pushing his deep inside of her.

“You better not come inside me,” she whispered, a dark smile on her lips.

When he came, his body was trapped and confused, and he felt her tighten around him as his cock shot come into her again and again, and he shouted and grabbed at the couch, slamming into her until his muscles were sore and gave out.

Somehow they were on the floor, wet and sweaty, his cock still inside of her.

“That was bad,” she whispered.

“So bad,” he agreed.

“Horrible,” she giggled.

“Dirty and forbidden,” he said, moving again, his cock starting to harden once more.

“We’re not supposed to fuck. It’s forbidden,” she whispered, moving her hips against him.

“You did it,” he laughed.

“You came inside me!” she said with a smile, slapping his chest.

“I know. It’s all slippery now,” he said, starting to thrust harder.

“Do it again,” she said, closing her eyes.

Eventually, he did. Then they ate ice cream and tried to figure out something else to make forbidden.

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