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Good Morning

by | flash fiction | 0 comments

He woke up as they climbed over him in the big bed, their hands pushing down on his ribs and shoulders and knees painfully. They giggled to each other as if he wasn’t there and then found their places and pulled the sheets and blankets off him.

“God, I needed this all morning,” the shorter bustier one said as she pulled his boxers down to his ankles.

“I get his face though, right, you said!” Whined the other one.

“Yes, God! I already said I want his cock, don’t be a brat!”

They bickered and fought as they got in position on top of him. His cock roughly pulled and stroked until it was hard enough to be useful to them.

The busty girl’s knee pressed hard on his thigh, and he tried to protest, but he only got a slap across the face, and a rough pull on his hair as the bratty girl straddled his head and sank down until her wet pussy covered his face. As he gave in to the taste of her and the need to please her, he felt that busty girl sink down on his cock.

Then everything faded, and there was only the taste of pussy, and the feel of being ridden and used as a toy two pretty girls wanted to share.

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