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Greedy Queen 2

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I’ve been working on the sequel to my story Greedy Queen for a long time, and this week I was inspired to put the final touches on it. The original is a story of face-sitting, obsession, desire, and lust. The sequel is a dirty little threesome that involves making your best friend, who happens to be obsessed with you, do all kinds of embarrassing things.

Greedy Queen 2

“Oh, who would have thought? She’s an easy one. I bet she can come just like this. These shy girls usually take a bit, but sometimes you get a quiet little slut who will come just from being fingered a little,” Marisol said, something in her voice changing. The teasing turned almost matter-of-fact.

“Please-” Kristen whispered into the mattress. Her cheeks were red, and her eyes closed.

“Not yet, silly goose!” Marisol said, pulling her hand away. “That was just to get you worked up for the good stuff. You’re going to sit on my friend Mark’s face! That’s why I brought you here. All this time I’ve been fucking him and smothering him, I’ve never gotten to see it. Not really. So you’re going to do it, and I’m going to watch,” Marisol explained.

The explanation seemed to horrify Kristen and impress Mark.

Marisol pulled Kristen up by the hair. “So he’ll lay down, and you’ll sit on his face for me, right?”

“But-but-it’s embarrassing,” Kristen said, biting her bottom lip and blushing.

Marisol grabbed her chin and made her look into her eyes. “Don’t you want to do embarrassing things for me?”

Kristen looked over at Mark, who had put down his drink and taken off his blazer. She swallowed, and for a moment, her eyes met Mark’s. She remembered him telling her she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to. For some reason, it still made her angry.

He rolled up the sleeves of his dress shirt. He was handsome.

An hour before, Kristen would have been scared to do it, convinced she would crush someone under her big ass, but Marisol had done it with him many times, so it couldn’t be that bad or dangerous. As she considered, Marisol pulled her hair a little and pulled her back to attention.

“I asked you if you want to do embarrassing things for me?” Marisol demanded.

Kristen bit her bottom lip and nodded. “Yes, Marisol. I’d do anything for you.”

Marisol pushed Kristen down on the bed and lay next to her. Her hands moved over Kristen’s body, feeling up her tits roughly, and then slipped between her legs. For the first time she looked down at the neat little patch of dark hair between her friend’s legs. She liked the way it contrasted her pale thighs. She sipped her fingers over that hair and then found Kristen’s clit again.

“That’s not what I asked you, Kristen,” she whispered.

Kristen moaned, and her breath caught, “I-I want to embarrass myself for you,” she said breathlessly.

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