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It must have been because it was Halloween.

Violet just didn’t do things like this. She was a nice girl. She was a disciplined girl. She had a good job and a lovely apartment. She visited her parents regularly. She fed her cat and went to the gym, and sent thank you cards to people who gave her gifts.

It was Halloween, though, and sometimes when you put on a costume, it just changes you. It changes you enough to do something crazy, if only for one night.

Originally she really didn’t want to go to the party. She didn’t even have a costume, but her friend Christine had brought over some rabbit ears and said, “Just put on the sluttiest thing you have, and you can be a Playboy bunny or something!”

The thing about Violet was that she had these tits. She was a somewhat plain girl, cute, but in a girl-next-door sort of way. She had very large breasts for her frame, though, and she spent a lot of time hiding them and generally hating them. As she looked through her closet, she considered that Halloween was one of the few times in the year that she could actually show them off. After all, Violet really didn’t know many people at the party, and what could it hurt?

She found a very skimpy pink top. It barely even fit over her breasts and showed several inches of cleavage. She put on her best bra, the one that really pushed her tits together, and put on the low-cut pink top. Looking in the mirror, she blushed a little. It wasn’t shocking for Halloween, but it was shocking for her. She pulled on a pair of jeans, chickening out on the mini skirt. Then she placed the rabbit ears on her head and applied a little too much makeup. Violet smiled at her reflection. She looked like a slut.

When the two friends arrived at the party, it was like being back in college. A lot of people were milling about with red plastic cups in their hands. Everyone was a little drunk, which made Violet uncomfortable because she didn’t like to drink. Drinking made you lose control and do stupid things, and she wasn’t interested in doing that.

A dark-haired man with dark glasses eyed Violet as she walked in. He wasn’t really wearing a costume, just a pair of devil horns. Christine saw Violet looking back at him and told her, “Oh, that’s James.” Christina sort of smiled a little. “We went out once or twice.”

“What’s he like?” Violet asked innocently, trying not to look back at him as he smiled at her and continued to stare.

“Oh, he’s nice enough… a little too kinky for me.”

Violet wanted to ask what she meant by that, but Christine went to get a drink. Violet followed her but bumped into a sandy-haired tan-skinned guy wearing a black robe, like the killer in the Scream movies.

“Hi there, I’m Peter,” he said, smiling wide and staring at her tits. Violet felt like everyone was staring at her that night, and the feeling was both embarrassing and a little powerful.

“Oh, I’m Violet,” she sort of mumbled with a smile.

“Your costume is hot,” he said with a grin.

She didn’t reply.

The dark-haired man with the devil horns came over and stood next to Peter. The two of them sort of smiled at each other.

“Who’s your friend?”

Peter looked her up and down, eating her up with his eyes.

“This is Violet. She’s a Playboy bunny, right?” Peter asked with a laugh.

“I’d buy that issue. I’m James,” he said with a grin, moving in on her a little.

Violet looked around for her friend, Christine, but she was nowhere to be found. Violet was pulled into a conversation with James and Peter. The topic started with what they all did but moved quickly to sex and never left.

Violet wasn’t used to this. They were being so forward, and she didn’t know how to react. She thought she was probably supposed to smack them or something, but she enjoyed the flirting like this. She was sort of getting addicted to their eyes on her body. A break from real conversation. The embarrassing rush of being an object for a little while.

Peter was cocky and sort of a jock, but James was smooth and intelligent. Peter looked at her body all night, while James liked to look into her eyes and guess what she was thinking.

As they spoke, Violet found herself being moved by them around the room. They would back her up a little by moving in on her, and before she knew it, she was next to a door. Peter looked at James and opened up the door. James took Violet’s hand and led her in.

“What are we doing?” she asked with a nervous laugh.

“We want to kiss you,” Peter replied with a chuckle.

The room was dark and messy. Clothes on the floor, a computer on a desk in the corner, a low bed near the window.

Violet’s eyes were moving quickly around, judging the environment, looking for her escape route. Peter closed the door behind him and turned around with the same cocky smile. James had a predatory grin that matched his devil horns.

The devil pushed her back, and she tumbled to the low bed. Sitting up, wide-eyed, Violet was eye-level with two belts and two zippers and four big hands. Violet started to breathe a little faster.

The two men looked at each other, communicated something with their eyes. Violet looked up at them, trying to figure it out. Peter chuckled a little. His eyes were right on her cleavage. James was looking right into her eyes, though.

Violet wasn’t sure where to look or what exactly to do. Her heart was racing. This was it. She’d had fantasies about this, but it was different with two strangers in some house she’d never been to. She thought she should probably end it soon, maybe just kiss them. But the man in the devil horns leaned down and slipped his hand onto her shoulder, then around her. He pulled her head back by her hair. Suddenly, he was kissing her.

His kisses were a little rough and a little insistent, but his lips were soft. When she was kissed right, Violet’s mind sort of wandered away, and she tended to do things she knew she shouldn’t. When he opened her lips a little with his tongue and then swirled around in her mouth, tasting like candy and a little beer and heat, she felt herself falling.

When the second pair of lips touched Violet’s shoulder, her body locked up for a second. The reality of it started getting her scared as well as very wet. Usually, a kiss on her lips really got her started. And if a guy knew how to kiss her neck, she would totally melt. When Peter started sucking on the skin just under her ear while the devil horn guy kissed her deeper and hungrily sucked on her lips and tongue, she felt a new level of desire. It was like Violet couldn’t control herself anymore.

Four hands roaming all over her. Peter was aggressive and rough. James had knowing hands that floated over her skin and nails that dragged up her back and down her arms. Each man alone would have made her swoon with their attention, but both at the same time were making her mad.

Peter touched her breasts for the first time, and he chuckled hoarsely.

“Fuck, your tits are perfect,” he whispered as he squeezed them and lifted them and his thumbs hunted for her nipples through the thickness of her shirt and bra.

As Peter grabbed and rubbed her breasts, James took her hand and pushed it against the crotch of his jeans. He was hard, and although she wasn’t sure how far she wanted to take this, Violet couldn’t help holding the firm shape under his pants and wanting it.

There is something so intimate about the first time a man unzips his fly and pulls out his cock. It is usually in some intimate moment, and you are seeing a part of someone that has been hidden that you may have felt a little and wondered about. This was new, though. These were two strangers.

When there was a cock in front of Violet, she could focus on it. She could worship it. She could suck it and savor it and hold it and own it. Two cocks made everything different. They both pulled at her attention. They surrounded her. She felt compelled to hold each one, go back and forth between them. The demands of it made her dizzy. The world became hard and throbbing. The smell of their bodies was overwhelming. The feel of their coarse hair and the rawness of all that skin; it was all too much, but she couldn’t stop.

Sitting, Violet jerked the two of them off a little. She wasn’t really sure how far she might go. One of them, she couldn’t even tell which anymore because she couldn’t look up, moved closer. She couldn’t take her eyes off of the two cocks. Violet licked her lips. She was a good girl, but she did love to suck cock. She really shouldn’t, but when he moved closer, the head of his cock just brushed her lip. She just held the two of them, feeling the heat and hardness of them. She closed her legs tight. She really shouldn’t. She didn’t know them.

Peter reached forward and pulled her hair. Her mouth opened, and James moved forward, slipping the head of his cock between her lips. Once it was in her mouth, there was no more thought of what was wrong or right. There was only the taste of his skin, the feel of his length, and the power of making him gasp as her wet tongue slipped under his sex.

She closed her eyes and sank into the rhythm of it. Filling her mouth with saliva to wet the pushing and pulling. The build-up that she needed. She couldn’t keep her eyes shut for long because she felt Peter’s hardness in her other hand.

When James pulled away, and Peter moved forward, Violet was breathing hard and fast. Peter’s cock was fatter, slightly rougher, and darker-skinned. She licked the head of it, her hand slipping up and down James’s cock, still wet with her saliva.

Peter’s hips bucked as she licked the head. He wanted her badly. He wanted her to envelope his cock in her hot mouth. She liked that. She teased him, tightening her lips and just sucking a little on the head, letting it pop in and out of her mouth. She looked up for a moment to see James watching her. A wave of dirtiness washed over her, so much she almost stopped, but she didn’t. She had a job to do.

She sucked Peter’s cock, slipping in as much as would fit. She wet it down, so it slipped in and out smoothly. She worked the shaft with her hand and sucked the tip, and then gave it long strokes with her mouth.

“Fuck,” he gasped. She smiled a little between strokes.

James moved closer so that both cocks were directly in front of her face, so close the two men’s hips were touching. She moved back to James, his cock feeling cooler than Peter’s. She sucked James fast and deep, nearly gagging, then she went back to Peter. Back and forth, back and forth, until the only thing she knew was cock and thickness and wet tips and hands in her hair and on her neck and shoulders.

“I need to fuck this chick,” Peter said between gasps.

Then suddenly, the two men were moving quickly around her. Peter lifted Violet up so that she was standing and pulled off her shirt.

“Fuck, that’s what I’m talking about.”

He squeezed and massaged her breasts, groaning at the feel of them as James moved behind her and started unhooking her bra.

“They’re huge,” Peter marveled as he pulled off the bra.

Violet was getting nervous. This was all going fast. Kissing and touching and even a little sucking was one thing, but she wasn’t sure she could fuck a total stranger, let alone two. But his hands were so hot on her breasts. Her nipples being played with made her bite her lip.

Then James started working on her pants as Peter pulled off her shoes. The two of them were taller and stronger, and she felt like a rag doll being pushed between them.

When they were done, she was only wearing her panties, and the two of them were standing in front of and in back of her. A hard cock pressed against her stomach and another against her back. James kissed her, and Peter reached around and squeezed her breasts from behind. He took her nipples and pulled on them a little, testing her sensitivity.

She knew she should tell them to stop, but every time she thought of it, the thought would get washed away by fingers and cocks and wanting. The next thing she knew, she was on the bed again, this time on her knees.

“What the fuck? She’s soaked right through her panties! Her thighs are wet. Jesus Christ, she fucking wants it.”

She didn’t even know who said it; her face was burning, and her eyes were closed. She knew she should really stop it, but then she was being pushed down farther, her ass up in the air and her head almost level with the bed. Then James’s cock was pressing against her lips again. It pressed and slipped against the wetness of her lips, and she couldn’t help it. She opened her mouth, and it slid in, pushing her back into the rhythm and the taste of him.

Peter was pulling down her panties, and she knew she had to stop it. She struggled a little, but the cock was in her mouth, and when Peter got the panties down to her knees, he rubbed his fingers around the wetness of her and found her swollen clit, and then she was overcome. The finger on her clit, the cock in her mouth, Peter leaned over and with his other hand rubbed her tit and pinched her nipple, harder now, a little too hard.

Her hips bucked, and the two of them laughed.

“Damn, she has a nice ass, too,” James said. She could feel the vibrations of his voice through his cock.

“Hell yeah, she’s built to fuck. Perfect,” Peter replied as if she couldn’t even hear.

Then the first spank landed on her ass. The two of them laughed—another spank, harder. James’s hands came up to her shoulders, holding her still. She was breathing fast out of her nose, but she needed to keep sucking. She braced herself for another slap but then felt the hot hardness of Peter’s thick cock rubbing against her.

She had to stop this, she thought. She had to, but he was sinking into her. She shouldn’t, but his hands were on her hips, and James was holding her shoulder, and then he was holding her by her hair, and his cock was pushing into her mouth as Peter pushed right into her cunt. Then the whole thing became unstoppable.

She was trapped between them, sucking, being fucked, her senses overloading, and her body being pushed and pulled and used. They were pistoning in and out in the same rhythm. She felt helpless to them and helpless to the itching building frightening pressure inside of her. She had never really come from just being fucked, but this was new. This was so overpowering. It just kept pounding from every direction.

“Fuck, she is so tight,” Peter said, his voice straining.

“And she doesn’t stop sucking,” James added.

Peter’s fingers grew tighter on her hips, and his thrusts started harder and faster and wilder.

James was pumping into her mouth, and he was gasping. They were both making grunting noises and spilling out curses and moans. They both started ramming her faster. Violet felt this rush and this fear, and then she was coming hard, trying to keep sucking, but James pulled out of her mouth just as she let out a loud moan.

She was still coming when she felt the hot shots of come on her cheek and neck. Then she felt Peter pull out of her and felt more hot jets of come all over her ass and back.

Then there was emptiness. She was lying on her stomach, soaked, spent, and used. Everyone was panting. James brushed her hair back, and she looked up to see his eyes, a little kinder now and his smile. The devil horns were just visible above his now tousled hair.

“We’ll make sure nobody comes in here. You should get cleaned up.”

Violet swallowed hard, the shame pouring down on her, and at the same time, her chest welling with invigoration. She had an adventure, a wild new adventure. Lifting herself back up on her knees, she arched her back.

“But you didn’t get to fuck me yet,” she said, with a smile.

The two men smiled, and the dangerous game started up again.

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