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Hitachi Slut

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There are few things I’m more thankful for than Lucy’s insatiability. She came to the city poor and hungry. Got a job. Got a tiny apartment. Threw herself into our little circle of friends.

I got her hooked on coming over to use my Hitachi early on. She didn’t have one and she was too broke to get one, thank god.

I used mine on her after having her over for a spanking and she lost her mind. She came and came until she couldn’t talk. After that, she would text me every few days asking to come over and use it.

“Pls I need your hitachi! I’ll be fast,” she would beg.

I would let her and sit at my desk writing as she laid in my bed with her legs open putting on such a pretty display.

A week later she texted again, begging. I ignored the text for a while, letting her stew.

“Maybe. I’m a little busy today and feeling greedy. If you come over to use it I think you should let me fuck you,” I wrote back, a little nervous because I hadn’t done that with her yet.

“Perfect!” She replied.

A week later my demands grew.

“Fine, but I have friends over so they get to watch.”

She sent an emoji of a monkey covering its mouth.

“How many friends?”

“Me, my girlfriend, and this other couple. They all want to see. Can I show them your picture?”

A long pause.

“Okay. Show them any pictures you want. I really need to use it. They can watch if they want.”

With permission granted I showed my friends the dirty things Lucy had sent me when trying to get me to let her use my toy.

“Okay, they are game. You better put on a show.”

And boy did she. She squirmed, naked on the floor in front of the couch as we sat and watched her blush and hide her face as she whined and moaned and raised her hips up in the air as she came.

It was addictive. I started having nightmares she would get her own toy and stop coming over. I thought about buying up ever Hitachi in the city.

I knew it wouldn’t last, so all that summer I had her come over twice a week and use my toy and let me use her like a toy and see what kinds of disgusting things I could get her to do.

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