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Order of Dionysus – Part 5 – The Hole

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The bar was beautiful, dimly lit, with dark wood paneled walls, black lacquered tables, low music, and the hushed buzz of conversation. 

The bartender nodded at me as I walked the length of the bar. His muscles rippled as he shook a chrome mixer of ice and some delicious cocktail. 

I passed couples sitting close, whispering and smiling, a few kissing over their drinks. I passed it all though, going to the back of the place, through French doors to a silent hallway, down stairs to a metal door with a slit that slid open sharply as I approached. 

Serious brown eyes met mine and studied me for a moment. I nodded at him and then pulled up my lapel to show my pin. His eyes fell to the gold bunch of grapes which held the letters O and D. He nodded again before the slit closed and the door opened. 

A tall man in a black suit with a black shirt and a black tie led me into a parlor with identical furnishing as the bar. It even had the same music. 

The difference was that along one wall were a row of nude legs and hips. Nine pairs of legs, attached to people who were bent over with their heads and torsos swallowed up by some kind of enclosure in the wall, like medieval stocks but far more beautifully designed. 

I had heard about the place many times but had been hesitant to visit. The Order had many palaces of entertainment in the city, each unique and complicated. This was one of the most secret. 

All that week at work I felt antsy. It wasn’t nervousness or even anticipation. It was some new restlessness, like a horse in a stall that was far too small. I needed to stretch my legs. I needed something new.

The doorman handed me off to a pretty young man in a black corset. He fluttered thick eyelashes at me and asked what I had in mind for the evening. 

I looked to the wall. Each of the nine was hunched over and still. Nothing but asses and legs. My eyes were drawn to the thickest of the thighs and largest of the asses. I pointed. 

“That one. Can I beat that one?”

The pretty boy smiled. 

“Oh indeed, sir.”

“Can I use its holes?” I asked, unsure if I should gender the body, partly because I didn’t want to presume even though it obviously had a cunt and not a cock, but also because I was told these were holes, not people. Not while they were there that night. 

“The cunt, but not the ass,” he explained. 

I considered the limitation. I wanted pussy. I wanted someone to hit. Everything else was unnecessary. 

“Fine,” I said. 

“A drink while you enjoy yourself?” 

I looked over at the bar. There were two people there, lovers perhaps, who by the looks of their red faces and mussed hair had already partaken in the entertainment. 

“Bourbon and soda, and a tall glass of ice water.”

He nodded and then went to fetch my drinks.

I walked over to the wall, examining the other specimens. Every skin color, every shape. Some were thin with taut muscles, others were very average looking. Big butts, small butts, not very much butt at all. It was sort of thrilling to think anyone could be there, a lawyer, a teacher, someone I passed every day in the office.

When I got to the end of the row I saw the thick thighs I had chosen and I was happy with my decision, as quick as it was.

On one hip was a pretty and very ornate tattoo of a hand mirror. On the other was a mass of swirling Victorian ornamental roses and baby’s breath. The legs were a beautiful dark tan.

Just above the hole in the wall where its torso was hidden was a framed paper. “Just the cunt, not the ass. You can hurt her until she stomps three times. Thank you – The Management.”

I smiled. I appreciated specificity. The note exemplified the ridiculousness of what was going on and I almost laughed out loud.

I placed one hand on the base of her back and she stiffened. Her back arched, pushing her ass out for attention. I was hard instantly. Her body was perfect. Her ass wide and round, her thighs thick, her calves strong and muscular.

I rubbed her back a bit. Her skin was cool and smooth. I liked how solid she was. She was someone I could really hit, I could really fuck, I could tell. There were little flashes of an ex-girlfriend with a similar build. I was suddenly very eager to get started.

The bartender returned with my drinks and placed them on a counter parallel with the hole I was about to enjoy. Next to my drink, he laid a silver tray with an array of condoms, lubricants, a powerful looking vibrator and a few other little toys. I looked over these and smiled at him. 

“Could I, perhaps, have a pillow?”

He raised an eyebrow and then nodded, disappearing again to fetch my wants. 

I moved my hand down to her glorious ass and squeezed it. Tight skinned softness. I took it in both hands and then slid my hands to her hips. Her bare feet tensed and she went up on her toes for a moment before relaxing back onto her soles.

She would do, very well.

The bartender returned, not with a pillow but a small cushioned kneeling bench.

“I thought this might be more helpful, sir.”

I nodded and gave him a smile. His eyes lingered on mine. He bit his bottom lip and smiled in a way that let me know he would be a helpful boy if I needed. I wondered if I might. 

I turned to my chosen ass and grabbed one leg and pulled a bit. She spread both legs helpfully. I slid the low bench between her legs and knelt down on it. 

And there it was, her pussy. Just pussy. No talking. No seduction. No dinner and a movie. Just pussy. All mine. 

I leaned forward and kissed her thighs, one at a time, back and forth, moving in as I did until I was licking the cleft right where her leg met her crotch. I loved that little space. I relished it. 

She squirmed a bit. I thought about hitting her. I thought about how nice it might be to spank her, but in the end, all I really wanted was to enjoy her pussy.

There was sparse hair, groomed into a neat wide triangle, though the lips were completely bare. I liked the contrast. I reached up and ran my fingers over the short soft hair. I spread her and examined every millimeter of her.

There was a decadence in that. To look at someone, to examine them, with no rush or shame or expectations.

Her outer lips were very thick. Fat and pretty, covering everything when left by themselves, but showing a deep slit of pink when parted. Small lips inside, a lurid coral pink, with a somewhat large knot of slightly pinker skin that was the hood that covered her clit. 

She was already wet. She was already pushing herself back against me, wanting more. I gave her one swat on her ass and was happy when she got my point and stayed still. Her clit was hard, hidden in the folds of her hood, but easily exposed if I pushed that back.

I loved pussy. God, did I love pussy. To have it exposed and all mine was heavenly.

I moved forward and licked the length of her, from above her clit to the remarkable heat of her hole. I did it again. Again her legs tensed and she was on her toes. I tasted every bit of her, circling her clit, moving up, letting my tongue push into her.

I moaned into her wet skin. I rubbed my cheeks against her. I sank my teeth into her thighs. I just reveled in pussy, the majesty of it. I sucked at her clit like a little cock, I sucked at each of her lips, I fucked her with my tongue. 

It was a bit awkward, since she couldn’t move much, but I found myself twisted under her, licking her clit as I slipped two fingers into her. I fucked her like that as I circled and sucked at her. She bucked and squirmed and finally, came hard. I felt it, the contractions against my fingers.

There was a familiar swell of pride. I stood up only to find the bartender nearby with a hot towel. Oh, the decadence of it all.

I wiped my face and hands, Stretched my somewhat sore neck. Dropped the towel onto the waiting silver tray and focused on my toy once more.

Her big ass was hypnotic. It drew me in again. I stood behind her and placed my hands on her hips. I slapped her ass once, watching my handprint appear. Then again and again. I worked slowly, building up to hard full smacks.

She took it all. Her legs were tall and straight, muscles flexing as she waited for the next hit.

I changed tactics and slipped my fingers between her legs, happy to find her soaked from the light spanking. I looked to the counter. There was a crop, a little paddle, a belt. I considered them against my own need. I felt my cock hard under my slacks. 

I looked around. Until that point, I hadn’t even considered the others in the room. I had been lost in the glory of her pussy. A flush of embarrassment heated my cheeks. I wondered if anyone was watching.

I saw the couple was gone and there was now a woman at the end of the row of asses. Her face was buried between the legs of her own toy. It was amazing to see and it soothed my blush. Only the bartender watched me and I liked his gaze. I smiled back at him as I rubbed my cock through my pants.

He stood against the wall to the side, a towel ready across his arm and an eager grin on his face.

I motioned for him to come over. He eyed me for a moment and then turned and went into the back, behind the bar. He came out a moment later with an androgynous helper in a similar uniform to his. The new bartender took up his place holding a towel and the boy walked to me, standing in front of me with his legs parted slightly and his hands behind his back.


“Do you offer additional assistance?” I asked, resting my hand on the ass next to me.

“Oh indeed, sir. Anything you might need,” he said with a grin, hopping a bit on the balls of his feet.

I nodded, sipping my water.

“What’s your name, boy?”

His eyes widened.

“Boy is fine, if you like, sir. Unless you have some name that suits you better,” he said, licking his lips and looking up at me wide eyed.

“No, that sounds perfect for such a pretty boy,” I agreed as I patted and swatted my toy’s ass.

“I think I’d like to enjoy this cunt fully. I was hoping a bright boy like you would know how to make it feel extra good while I do. Maybe using that vibrator there on me while I fuck her,” I explained, pointing at the tray.

He looked over and nodded.

“And my mouth, sir?”

I smiled, grabbing him by the lapel and pulling him closer, looking closely at his pink lips.

“Oh, yes, I suppose your mouth would be very nice as well,” I agreed.

His breath caught.

“And my tongue, sir?”

I smiled and pulled him close.

“Oh is it a talented tongue, boy?”

His smile grew cocky.

“I’ve been told, sir.”

“Then I might like it up my ass as I fuck this faceless cunt,” I said, the words rattling in my head before they came out of my mouth and making me unsteady for a moment.

What was my life?

“Thank you, sir, I would like that very much.”

I let him go and his knees gave for a moment, but he caught himself and then kneeled in front of me.

“May I take your pants, sir?”

I nodded down at him and let him take my shoes off and then undo my belt. He folded my trousers and boxers neatly and then returned to his kneeling.

“May I help you prepare, sir?”

I nodded again and he fetched a condom and lubricant. He massaged my half hard cock with able fingers until I was once more rock hard, then he slipped the condom on with one smooth motion.

I returned to my toy, standing on the little kneeling stool, which gave me the perfect angle. I let the boy guide my cock into her and I chuckled as her body jumped in surprise. I steadied myself by grabbing her hips.

The boy, eager and hungry, pushed his head between my legs, almost making me lose balance, and suckled and licked at my balls. The warmth of his mouth and the warmth of her cunt almost shorted out my brain, The sensations seeming to come from every angle at once.

I fucked her slowly, feeling every inch of my cock slipping into the faceless stranger’s pussy. The boy, abler than I imagined, sucked my balls completely into his mouth before moving to my ass.

A quick instinctual tension hit me, but he ignored my tightening and licked at my asshole in a way that made me groan and filled me with an acute fear.

It took a minute before the pleasure pushed through the shame. Then the pleasure mingled and mixed with the dirtiness. I relaxed and his tongue slipped inside me a little. I couldn’t hold in the whimper. My cock swelled even more.

The boy laughed against my skin. His tongue was soon replaced by a slick finger. He knew what he was doing.

The vibrator surprised me. The soft silicone head was pressed right between my scrotum and anus and the buzzing shot like an electrical charge to both the head of my cock and my brain.

His finger crept up further, pressed down into some heavenly spot I forgot I had. I held on to her hips with all my strength and had to focus all my will on continuing to fuck her. My fingers clawed at her skin as I did.

The boy was not gentle. His finger pressed hard, the vibrator pressed hard, I felt him kissing my ass, right next to his skilled finger, biting and licking my skin, whispering things into my flesh.

The climbing started then, the building, slow as an engine starting in the winter. Revving and heating up, but inevitable. My hands started shaking. My vision narrowed. I felt the cunt tighten around me, quivering, and the orgasm shot through me and I felt like I was falling out of a window.

I vaguely heard myself shout. It felt like I would never stop coming.

Then I was on the floor. The boy was next to me, laughing. I looked up and saw her red cunt, well used and dripping wet.

Vaguely I saw the woman at the end of the line watching, one hand in her tight leather pants.

Then the warmth of a wet towel on my cock.

“Would you like anything else, sir?” The boy whispered.

I pointed to the water. He brought it over immediately. The cold felt magnificent on my tongue.

“My pants, then a taxi,” I said, holding his shoulder to get up.

“Very good, sir,” he said, helping me on with my boxers.

I dressed and straightened myself up. The boy left for a few minutes, coming back with more water.

“Thank you, you were a delight,” I said, touching his face tenderly.

He blushed and it made me smile again.

“And if it is allowed, tell her she is a fine cunt,” I said, swatting her ass again.

“It isn’t, but between you and me, sir, she is well aware,” the boy said with a wink.

“I’m sure,” I said, stretching.

Then I was whisked from the club out a back door, out into the waiting back seat of a town car and uptown and home. A Scotch and my soft bed, to pen the tale of the club and to drift off to sleep.

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