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Little Fantasies

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As Elle squirmed under the covers, she thought about growing up as an only child, how she lived inside of her head, in worlds of fantasy. As she got older, she had what they called a “rich inner life.” In college, she was never happier than when she was left alone to daydream.

That all made it easier to slip into the fantasy she thought about as an adult. When she heard the floorboard in the hall creak, her whole body tensed under the blanket. Even though she knew what was going on, she’d help plan the entire thing, her imagination made it easy to let go of those facts and grow frightened as the door to her bedroom opened.

She kept her eyes closed as she felt someone sit down on the bed next to her. All the safewords and negotiations were filed away in a little box in her head as she let the icy fear creep into her blood, just as another feeling stirred between her legs.

As her blanket was pulled back, she tried not to make a sound. As a warm hand softly slipped across her bare arm, she tried not to shudder. Those fingers were so light, it was almost like she could ignore them and go back to sleep. 

When those fingers slipped under the sleeve of her loose nightshirt, she held her breath. She couldn’t help shift a little. Was it just a natural reaction, or was she helping those fingers get to what they wanted?

When that hand cupped her breast, it was like electricity. Those fingers finding her nipples. How did they get so hard?

The other hand touched her leg. Would they really touch her down there? But then they would know! They would know how wet she was.

As that hand moved up, it caressed her naked hip softly. She only wore the nightshirt. That’s when she heard it, the growl of approval.

When those fingers slipped between her legs, the patience seemed to disappear. Hunger took over. Her legs were roughly spread. Her breasts grabbed and squeezed. Fingers finding her wet core, one finger slipping into her with no resistance. A dark laugh as her wetness was exposed. Then the sound of a zipper, the sheets pulled away, and weight on top of her, pushing her open. A mouth crushing hers.

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