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Renting a Girl from the Mall 2: BFFs

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Megan pulled Ashley’s arm as they nearly collided with a pack of jocks who were eagerly piling into a Gamestop. The mall was remarkably crowded, even for a Saturday, and the two girls were dodging in and out of the teeming masses before finally landing at a bright neon blue door and entering.

“Meg are you serious? How are you going to afford a spa treatment?” Ashley asked with a shocked laugh.

Megan pulled Ashley in and they both marveled at the spa’s spotless waiting room. The place was a minimalist white shop with curved counters and a very pretty, very thin woman behind a desk carefully tapping on a keyboard in spite of her long fingernails.

The two girls tried to stifle their giggles as the receptionist looked their way and gave them a rather concerned frown. Megan took Ashley’s hand and dragged her to the desk.

“Hi, we have an appointment,” Megan announced with pride, wrapping her arm around her friend’s waist.

“Really, for what exactly?” the woman said, raising an eyebrow and looking at her computer screen.

“Two massages, two facials, and two Brazilians. It’s for Ms. Megan Cho and guest,” she said with a smile, showing off in front of her friend.

The woman behind the desk clicked a few things with her mouse and then tried to smile in a way that said, “sorry for the misunderstanding.”

It was somewhat understandable that the woman might think the girls were in the wrong place. At nineteen and eighteen respectively, Megan Cho and Ashley Rourke were not exactly the spa’s normal clientele.

Megan was a somewhat gothed out five foot tall girl with a purplish black asymmetrical bob, a black miniskirt, fishnets, purple Doc Martens, a hooded sweatshirt over a far too low cut top and a mischievous grin. Her skin was ruddy, a light caramel, and flawless.

Ashley, on the other hand, looked a bit younger than her eighteen years. She wore a denim skirt of reasonable length, a bright baby blue t-shirt, and a look of pure fear on her face. The blue of the shirt set off her pale blonde hair, her pale skin and the small batches of light freckles on her cheeks, arms, and legs.

The receptionist checked her sheet again and then looked the girls over once more.

“Yes well, you have two full treatments all paid for. Why don’t you two take a shower, then we’ll bring you some fresh juices and you can meet your beautifying clinicians,” she said with practiced grace.

She stood and beckoned the two teens to follow her. They were whisked into a locker room where they put away their clothes and got into huge soft white robes. Megan eyed her friend, trying not to be obvious about checking out her body.

Ashley was the opposite of Megan in lots of ways. Megan was curvy, with big tits and a big ass, both of which were amplified by her thinnish waist and short stature. Ashley was somewhat skinny, though she held a little baby fat around her belly and her hips looked wider than Megan remembered back in high school. She had smallish breasts that were tipped with soft and very puffy pink nipples.

Everywhere on Ashley’s body where the sun hadn’t touched was a pale creamy white. Everywhere else was a slightly off white color and kissed with freckles. Megan even caught a flash of her pretty little blonde patch of pubic hair which made her bite her lip.

Megan had always liked girls as well as boys, but she had only gotten to act on her bisexuality once. Now she imagined going down on her friend and it made her face feel hot. More than that Megan remembered exactly who had paid for the spa treatments and the plan he had concocted and that made her wet.

She would be going to go down on Ashley soon enough. She was going to get to do everything to her and then watch her get fucked and that was somehow even hotter to think about.

“You okay?” Ashley said, confusing Megan’s arousal for sleepiness or sickness.

“Yeah, I’m cool, let’s shower,” Megan said, taking her best friend’s hand and leading her to the shower stalls.

As they stood in adjoining stalls Ashley whispered over the side to her friend.

“How can you afford this? You don’t even have a job!” Ashley asked with awe.

On the other side, as Megan soaped up her body, smiling to herself.

“It’s a secret. I’m just glad you’re doing this with me. It’s like Sex in the City or something! Two girls out for a day of pampering!”

Ashley laughed, “well, I’m all for that, but didn’t they say Brazilians? Isn’t that, like, when they rip out all your hair?”

Megan smiled to herself, “you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but I really love the way it feels after. When you’re walking around it just makes you tingle.”

Ashley didn’t laugh at that, she just sort of blushed, Megan soaped between her legs hoping she would stop getting wet every time she spoke to her friend because it might make the spa treatment a bit embarrassing.

Megan realized she had lost herself in daydreams as she heard Ashley turn off her shower. Megan quickly rinsed off and joined her friend outside the shower stalls and before both girls wrapped themselves in towels, Megan eyed Ashley’s body hungrily again.

As they dried off Megan remembered the first day she walked around after Mark had shaved her. The way the fabric of her underwear seemed to turn her on. How every shift made her aware of her pussy. She remembered how much it turned Mark on and how he went down on her for hours and for the first time she really enjoyed that.

She shook the thoughts out of her head and followed the tanned women into the next room for some kind of steam treatment.


The two teens laid side by side in another one of the spa’s small white rooms. So far they had been steamed, peeled, exfoliated and now, soft and warm and relaxed, they were covered in some potent greenish mud and left to wait for whatever alchemical effects the spa’s magicians had planned for them to take effect.

“Okay, so something is going on with you. For the first time in months you seem happy and you have all this money all of the sudden. What’s happening?” Ashley asked seriously.

Megan, who had been prepared and coached on how to deal with this conversation, waited a few minutes and finally looked over at her mud covered friend and asked, “do you promise not to tell another living soul what I’m about to tell you?”

Ashley swallowed. “I guess-” she started, but Megan cut her off.

“I can’t tell you if you only guess, you have to promise, like seriously promise,” Megan said in a tone that made Ashley worried.

“Okay, okay, I like pinky swear! I won’t tell anyone,” Ashley said, looking very curious about what she was about to hear.

“So remember a few months ago I got in all this weird trouble? My mom gave me a credit card for emergencies and I used it to buy those awesome boots?” she said, trying not to sound like she’d rehearsed what she was saying.

Ashley nodded, wanting to hear the rest.

“Well, I kinda met this guy. He’s really awesome and like totally rich. I met him and we sort of went out and he kinda helped me out,” she said, trailing off.

Ashley’s eyes were wide and confused.

“You mean like, an older guy?” she asked, looking around making sure no one was looking.

Megan shrugged, “yeah, he’s older, like in his thirties, but I’m an adult, I’m nineteen! Anyhow, he gave me a job, I’m like his assistant, and sometimes he gives me money for stuff like this. He’s really cool,” Megan said, sighing and smiling contently.

Ashley was trying to think of how to word the variety of questions her friend’s story created.

“Are you like, um, his girlfriend?” she asked timidly.

Megan laughed and the sound startled Ashley. Then Megan got up, pulled her massage table closer to Ashley and laid back down so that she could whisper to her friend.

“Mark isn’t the kind of guy who has girlfriends, I don’t think. Maybe he would but she would have to be like super fancy or something. No, he just pays me to do things. I’m his assistant and…” she trailed off again suggestively with a smile.

Ashley’s eyes almost popped out of her head.

“You mean he like pays you to- to-” she couldn’t even form the words.

“Fuck him? Oh yeah. I’d do it for free though. Some of the things we do? I think I’d pay him!” Megan said with a low chuckle.

Ashley was shaking her head.

“Meg, that’s crazy! He could be-” she tried to think of what this person could be, but her innocent head couldn’t even contemplate the ramifications.

“He’s not anything but Mark. He’s like-” she thought of the right words, “my sugar daddy,” she said, finally causing herself to blush by touching on the name she actually called him in bed.

“He’s really nice and he buys me things and he fucks me. He fucks me like a real man though, not like guys our age. Not even like older college guys. He’s amazing,” she said dreamily.

Ashley shook her head.

“Sounds weird. I mean, doing it with some old guy who’s not even your boyfriend and-and taking money. That’s like illegal!” she said in a nervous whisper.

Megan laughed, “I do illegal shit all the time. I stole you that shirt you were wearing earlier, remember? You saw it at A&F and I went in and shoved it in my backpack and nobody was the wiser. Anyhow, he’s not going to tell anybody and I’m not going to tell anybody and it’s not like I’m a hooker on a corner, I just have an arrangement with him. Lots of people do stuff like this, they just don’t tell you about it in Home Ecc,” she said with a teasing laugh.

As Megan watched Ashley process the information she remembered Mark’s instruction.

“Make our arraignment seem more than ordinary. Make her seem like a silly kid for not understanding it. Make her feel naive and make yourself seem cosmopolitan and adult for setting up such a perfect situation. Then wait, change the subject, talk about her, then bring up the fact that she needs money and wait. Wait until she brings up your arraignment again. Make her think it was her idea all along,” he had said to Megan a few days before as he scrubbed her back in his giant bathtub.

For all the orgasms she’d had and all of the cool things she’d bought it was actually the baths that she loved the most. It was sweet how Mark took care of her and doted on her, and that sweetness made it even dirtier when he made her pretend to be a little girl. All the innocence of being in a bubble bath and being pampered got all mixed up when he slipped a hand into that sudsy water and fingered her pussy.

“Megan?” Ashley said, pulling her out of her memories.

“Oh sorry,” Megan said with a giggle, “anyhow, that’s how I can afford to take my best friend out for a day of pampering at a spa and that’s how I got my new phone. Don’t worry, I’ve been doing all this for like a month and a half and he’s been nothing but a gentleman. He never does anything I don’t want him to do and he gives me whatever I want,” she said with a smile.

Ashley seemed skeptical but shrugged, not knowing what else to say about it.

“Enough about me, what’s going on in your world?” Megan said, following her internal script.

As their mud masks were removed and they went for another shower before their massaged, Ashley told Megan about her crappy job at a pet store and her attempts to get into the local college, but her recently divorced parents inability to get together even the money for application fees in time had her stressed and unsure of what to do.

“Your pay at the pet store wasn’t enough for the application fees?” Megas asked, trying hard to stay on Mark’s plan.

“Not really, I give a lot of the money to my mom to help out. Plus there’s gas for my car, food, it all really sucks. I’m probably going to have to wait until next year,” Ashley said sadly as they walked back to the locker room in their robes.

“That isn’t fair, Ash,” Megan said, giving her friend a long hug.

Megan turned and started drying off again. Ashley was obviously trying hard not to cry after thinking about her life situation.

“You’ll figure it out Ashley, you’ve always been one of the smartest people I know, that’s one of the reasons you’re my friend,” Megan said sweetly.

Ashley smiled at that, “I hope so, no one ever tells you how hard the whole money thing is when you’re a kid. I thought my parents had it together, but turns out they’re clueless.”

Megan’s heart was pounding as she put on her robe again, hoping her friend would take the bait.

“God, I guess it would be easier if we all had sugar daddies like yours,” Ashley laughed as she put on her robe.

“Gotcha,” Megan thought, trying to hide her smile. “Mark was pretty fucking smart,” she said to herself as she remember all the things he’d said to her when they met and wondered how easily she fell into his plan that time.


After their waxing, massages, manicures and pedicures they met up in the locker room again. They both had healthy glows, and they stretched and sighed in their robes.

“That was amazing, Megan, thanks for bringing me. I’ve never had a day like that in my whole life. The most pampering I ever did was get a cheap mani/pedi at the discount salon near my house. I feel like a princess!” Ashley said, doing a little spin.

Megan smiled brightly, happy to make her friend so happy but also keeping her head in Mark’s plan.

“You deserve it, Ash. Seriously, you work too hard and think too much. We both needed a day of relaxation,” she said giving her friend a hug and then looking her up and down.

“So, did you end up going for the full Brazilian?” she asked Ashley, whose pale face turned first pink and then red.

“I mean, it was free so I thought why not,” she mumbled, shrugging and embarrassed.

“Let me see,” Megan asked playfully.

Ashley’s face turned from red to crimson. “What?”

“Come on, let me see it!” Megan said again, pulling at her friend’s robe.

Ashley was completely confused by this.

“My… pussy?” Ashley asked meekly.

Megan laughed, “you don’t have to, but I mean how are you going to get yourself a sugar daddy if you can’t even show your best friend you junk,” she said jokingly as she continues to play with the belt of Ashley’s robe.

Ashley thought about that for a minute. While she did Megan undid the blonde’s robe.

“I’m just curious, Ash, is that so weird?” she said softly.

Ashley put her arms down and let her friend open her robe. She was embarrassed but she suddenly felt silly for not showing her friend, since she did pay for the spa and all. In all honesty Megan had always told Ashley what to do and no matter how much she fought she always gave in to Megan, this time was no different.

With the robe open Megan marveled at her best friend’s body. Without pubic hair, the line of her creamy skin went from the slopes of her smallish breasts, to her little belly then curved down to a perfect little cleft between her legs. Megan’s mouth and pussy watered.

“Um-neat, it looks nice,” Megan said, suddenly blushing as well and coughing awkwardly.

“Just wanted to see what yours looked like with no hair,” Megan added laughing nervously, feeling almost dizzy with lust.

Ashley took off her robe completely and got dressed quickly. As she did her mind raced with ideas

“I mean,” Ashley started, “is it that easy? Like, this guy you’re with sounds like someone special, I don’t think it’s easy for everyone to get a situation like that,” Ashley continued, not looking Megan in the eye.

“Yeah, he’s kind of awesome. He’s like a businessman and doesn’t have time to date. He just wants a girl on call. He’s a good kisser, too,” Megan said with a laugh.

She realized she was kind of getting off on the way Ashley was falling right into her trap. Looking over at her friend who was putting on her shoes she smiled.

“I mean-” Megan started, then stopped. “Nevermind.”

Ashley looked up at her with curiosity. “What?”

Megan shrugged and as she put her hoodie on casually said, “I don’t know, you’re probably not into it, but Mark, that’s the guy, he’s like really nice. I bet if you wanted he would, like, help you too,” she said quickly, putting her hands in her hoodie pockets and crossing her fingers.

“You really think he would?” Ashley asked hopefully.


Mark had gotten the first of a flurry of text messages just after lunch. He was at his office, closing a rather big deal, but he was pretty sure his periodic glancing at his phone made him look busy, not like a pervert getting reports from a teenage girl on the corruption of her best friend.

“We just got waxed and now I’m trying to get her to show me her pussy. I might be able to get a picture, wanna see?”

That one nearly made him spill his coffee. A few minutes later he got one that made him have to excuse himself.

“I couldn’t get a shot of hers, but it’s SO pretty! Here’s a quick pic of mine though, daddy. It’s so smooth. Don’t you want to play our secret touching game when you’re little girl is all smooth?”

Mark went to the bathroom and into a stall before he opened the picture that was attached.

Legs spread wide the picture was an extreme close up of Megan’s waxed and pampered pussy. Mark bit his fist so as not to let out a moan.

He’d been working hard to support his new habit. It really didn’t take much, he quit his gym and started running every morning before work instead. He stopped eating out at fancy restaurants as much and spent those lunch hours at home fucking the nineteen year old he had been renting for weeks now.

He didn’t have to put down anything close to that initial amount he’d used to lure Megan into her life of prostitution. Instead he “hired” her as an assistant. This made it so she got her parents off her back by telling them she got a job and showing them a paycheck, plus she could do what ever she wanted all day and just come around and fuck Mark for a few hours every other day. Hell, he was even going to write it off as an expense on his taxes.

Sometimes Mark wanted her for more elaborate play dates. He dressed her up, gave her roles to act out. She was a good little girl, a bratty school girl, even a foul mouthed call girl. It was win-win, but both of them wanted more. That’s when she brought the idea of trying to get her best friend Ashley into it.

“No more texts for a while, I have to work. Keep working on her. So far you’ve been a very good girl,” and after a minute he added, “and that picture is the prettiest thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

An hour later he got one more message. He was annoyed because he gave specific instructions, but then smiled as he read, “okay daddy. Sorry about sending this last text, but I thought you might like to know that yr plan worked. She’s in.”


The seduction, the convincing, the negotiation and the inevitable agreeing took most of the weekend.

Megan had been texting back and forth with Ashley for almost 48 hours straight when she finally got back to Mark’s house with a big smile and said “it’s all set.”

It was a little disconcerting, seeing Megan wield such power. He’d been training her and conditioning her to be his and it had worked like a charm. Now he was teaching her and she was as able a student as she was a concubine.

“When?” he asked seriously.

“Whenever you want,” she said with a grin.

“How much?” he asked even more seriously.

She took a deep breath.

“Well that depends on a lot of things. I told her the first time she should try to get a lot out of you. Then, if you like her and she’s into it she could maybe try to get hired as your assistant like me or something,” she said pulling off her shirt in a move Mark understood as a diversionary tactic.

“I’m not going to have two ‘assistants,’ Megan,” he reminded her.

“She has another job, she wants money for college. Maybe she can be an assistant once a week or something?” she said, now taking off her boots and then pulling off her panties and standing in his living room in only a schoolgirl skirt and knee high purple socks.

“How much?” he asked, still calm.

“$500 for the first time. Then maybe $200 a week? If she does one day over here. And maybe I could get a finders fee-” she crawled onto his lap.

“What do I get for this $500 and possibly $700 a month?” he said, trying to ignore her.

“Hey, I did my part. Once she’s here I’m sure you’ll play all your daddy tricks and she’ll be fucking you in no time. Maybe she’ll be your little girl too. Will that make her my little sister? Does that mean I can beat her up?” she teased, biting Mark’s ear.

Mark stood up, holding onto Megan and carrying her to the bed. He threw her down and threw himself on top of her and grabbed her by the throat.

“It’s cute when you learn and when you play your part, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. You’re doing well and I enjoy our arrangement, but I only have so much time and so much money. Don’t act like this isn’t at all beneficial to you either. I’ve poked around in that pretty little head enough to know that you’re just waiting for a chance to go down on your little blonde friend and see just how far I can take things with her,” he let go of her throat and smiled at the real fear in her eyes.

“Aren’t you?” he finished.

She pouted and then rubbed her throat.

“I still deserve a finder’s fee,” she grumbled.

“I’ll give you $100, but if I take her on once a week that one day a week I won’t need you,” he said rolling up his sleeves and then unbuckling his belt.

She considered that.

“I mean, I’m making enough. I’d be cool with an extra day off every week. I’m even thinking about going to college too. Maybe a few computer classes to start with. I can’t be your little rent-a-daughter forever after all. One day I’ll get old and you won’t want to fuck your little girl anymore,” she said, lifting her legs up and holding them wide open so that her skirt flipped back and her bald pussy

He knew how she was working him, how she was smart and figuring out how to get what she wanted. Luckily he was smarter and had limits to what he was willing to do. Still, playing along was fun.

He pulled out his cock and she looked at it greedily.

“If you fuck me can I have my extra allowance today? You said, for getting my friend to come over,” she said scooting forward until the head of his cock was at the wet lips of her sex.

“You’ll get it when she’s here. Why don’t you concentrate on the chores you haven’t finished yet before making new demands,” he said sliding deep into her.

She gasped. As familiar as sex had become she was naturally a small and rather tight girl. She liked the stretching sensation of his cock. She liked how he didn’t quite fit. He was just a little too thick for her to handle comfortably.

“It hurts daddy,” she said in a little girl voice, half teasing him and half serious.

“I’m too little, you’re not supposed to-” but then he started fucking her for real and she couldn’t even attempt to play.

When he slapped her across the face the games stopped. She didn’t understand what happened to her when he hurt her for real but it made her eyes glaze over and her body liquify. There was a new almost scary hunger in her for his hands on her throat, his teeth on her skin, and for the pain.

“Is that all you got daddy? You sure you’re going to be able to handle two little girls?” she said, daring him.

He let out a dark little laugh and slapped each of her breasts hard once, twice, three times in succession. Bright hand prints appeared on her large, almost gravity defying, breasts and he slapped them again, this time right on each nipple and she squirmed.

He held her down by her throat as he fucked her, not quite cutting off oxygen or circulation, but just holding her down like one would hold down an animal. When she started to come she was like an animal and he knew it was even more intense for her when she was held down.

Watching her and hearing her start to orgasm he fucked her harder and faster. When he came he slipped out of her and let the little jets of white mess up her pretty skirt.

He leaned down and grabbed her by the hair and slapped her hard across the face, harder than she was used to. The world seemed to spin for a moment as she recovered.

“Games are fun, but remember who makes the rules,” he said, a finger pointing inches from her eye.

She nodded, feeling very much like a real little girl for a moment.


“How does this work?” Ashley said, her eyes red and her lip quivering.

Megan was pulling her down the street by her hand, stopping every few steps and sighing deeply giving Ashley pep talks.

“It’s the easiest thing in the world. I know you’ve had sex before. In fact I know all three guys you’ve done it with. Trust me, it’s going to be awesome. You just go there and start making out with him and then he’d do all the work and then you leave with 500 buck!” she said pulling her best friend another twenty feet.

“But I don’t even know him. Like I’ve never even met him! What if I don’t want to do it when I get there?” she asked almost on the verge of crying.

“Then say ‘I don’t want to do this’ and he’ll drive us back to the mall,” Megan said, annoyed.

“But what if he doesn’t-like-think I’m pretty enough?” Ashley said, her biting her lower lip.

Megan rolled her eyes. “You’re fucking gorgeous, come on! You’re, like, the prettiest girl I know!” she said even more agitated.

They walked a bit more, the whole time Megan pulling Ashley by the hand.

“What are you going to be doing? You’re not going to leave me alone there are you?!” Ashley said, suddenly hysterical.

“No! I’ll be right there, I mean, in the other room-” Megan thought about that, “I mean, I can even be in the same room if it will make you feel better,” she added.

Ashley’s red eyebrows furled at the thought.

“You’d do that?” she asked meekly.

Megan tried not to smile. “You’re my best friend, I’ll make sure nothing bad happens to you,” she said, hugging Ashley.

They got to Mark’s house and stopped.

“Wow, it’s nice,” Ashley said in awe.

“I told you, he’s totally rich. He has a BMW and a boat and like a million dollars in stocks,” Megan said, ringing the doorbell.


Mark was slightly under six feet tall, short dark brown hair with a slightly receding hairline, steel blue eyes, dark rimmed glasses and an almost perpetual smirk answered the door.

When Ashley saw him in the doorway in his slim cut black suit and wrinkle-less club shirt and burgundy tie she almost hid behind Megan. He looked not only like an adult, but like a real grown up, like the kind of person who would be her father’s boss’s boss.

“Come on in,” he said cordially.

The house was large, very clean and very modern. It looked like something out of a catalog Ashley had seen in her doctor’s office. Megan certainly wasn’t lying about the wealth. That made it clear to Ashley that she was probably really going to go through with it.

Mark had seen pictures of Ashley, even browsed her Facebook with the help of Megan. In person she looked slimmer, paler, and younger. Frankly he liked a little more curve, but what he lacked in voluptuousness she made up in innocent girlish prettiness.

Megan was almost jumping out of her skin. There was something particularly weird about the two halves of her world colliding. Her best friend and her pretend daddy. It was making her confused and nervous. As she saw Mark looking Ashley up and down it also made Megan wet.

She knew he was going to do it. He was going to fuck her and Megan was going to watch.

“Soda? Water? I don’t know what you drink,” Mark said amiably.

Ashley shrugged, looking like she was closing up and receding into a shell of shy silence.

“I’ll get drinks, I want Cherry Coke, scotch for da- um, Mark,” Megan said, almost slipping and biting her lip as Mark glared at her.

“And water for Ashley,” she said walking into the kitchen.

Mark guided Ashley to the couch and sat down a few feet from her to make her feel comfortable and unthreatened.

“Thanks for stopping by Ashley. I know this is probably one of the strangest meetings of your life. I just want you to know that whatever happens today you’ll get the $500 Megan told you about. It’s payment for all the trouble of coming out here to meet me,” he said calmly. Then, reaching into his jacket, he pulled out an envelope and put it on the couch next to her.

“If we all get along today and you feel like this is something you might be interested in doing, then perhaps we can work something out,” he said as Megan came out awkwardly juggling three glasses.

Megan looked at the envelope and then at Mark. He didn’t pay her first. She wondered what the difference was until she remembered Mark’s musing the day before.

“You got into this out of desperation at first, but stayed because of greed. That’s why I gave you more than you needed that first time. If I’d just given you what you needed to get out of trouble you would have thought of it as a solution. I gave you more because when you were left with a few hundred dollars in your pocket it became more than a solution, it became an opportunity.”

Megan didn’t like to think of herself getting played like that but it was still interesting seeing Mark’s game and how it always seemed to be on.

“Ashley isn’t being driven by desperation, she is driven by want and expectation. She is a shy girl who will usually do what she thinks is expected of her. By giving her the money first she will consider the choice taken out of her hands and she will be compelled to finish what is expected of her,” Mark explained.

Megan wasn’t sure she liked how he put that last bit, but Mark clarified. “That’s not to say she doesn’t have a choice, it’s just that the way her brain works she will be more willing to go through with it if she has the money first.” 

Placing the drinks down on the couch, Megan watched Ashley tentatively pick up the envelope and put it in her bag. Megan smiled at this, her stomach starting to flutter understand that the thing she had been helping to make happen was finally coming to fruition. 

“Scoot over, dork,” Megan said, sitting next to Ashley and pushing her towards Mark. 

Ashley was now a lot closer to Mark and leaned against Megan unsure of what to do.

“Relax, he’s totally normal. It’s not like he’s going to do anything weird. He just thinks you’re as pretty as I think you are,” Megan said simply, catching Mark’s eyes.

“Ash, you can tell me if you don’t want to do anything. I’m just going to help get things started, is that okay?” Megan asked, starting to get worried about her friend’s introspection.

Ashley leaned over to Megan and whispered into her ear, “I’m okay to do stuff, I’m just super nervous, stay next to me, okay?” she asked.

Megan nodded. “Mark, can I tell Ashley more about what I do around here, like as your assistant?” Megan asked, trying to think of something to break the growing tension.

“Certainly,” Mark said, curious what exactly Megan was going to say and sipping his Scotch.

“Well, I help clean up, because he fired his regular maid. Now I do a lot of stuff and this lady comes in once a week to clean the bathroom and windows and stuff. Mark’s really smart, he pays me to, well, you know, and so he is getting rid of all these other things so he can keep paying me and not have it affect his budget,” Megan explained. 

Ashley smiled at that, how it all seemed so reasonable.

Mark moved in, leaving across Ashley, and said to Megan, “it’s not all work though is it?” and Megan instinctively moved forward and kissed him. They were both leaning over Ashley and she watched intently, biting her lip.

“No, it’s really nice a lot of the time,” Megan said with a smile and then looking at Ashley she added, “I told you he was a good kisser. You want to try?”

Ashley shrugged again biting her lip and Megan sighed, starting to get frustrated.

“Ashley, kiss Mark,” she said pushing her friend’s face towards Mark’s.

Then they were kissing. Mark, who was used to the rough and intense passion and violence of being with Megan for the past few weeks was sort of charmed by the soft, sweet, chaste kiss Ashley gave him. When he parted from her she still had her eyes closed. As Mark enjoyed looking at the girl’s pretty face and blonde eyebrows he heard Megan let out a frustrated snort.

“Not like that,” Megan said, sticking her head between the two.

“Ashley, can I, um, I mean, can I show you how you should kiss him?” Megan said moving in on her friend. 

Mark sat back on the couch and watched the two girls interact. Megan, who usually became passive when he was in bed with her, was now aggressive and forward. Before Ashley could answer, Megan turned the blonde girl around and took her face in her hands.

“You have to sort of really get into it, you know. You have to sort of just stop being all tense and just give yourself into his kiss,” Megan whispered, her lips closer to her best friend’s lips.

Ashley seemed totally confused by what was going on, but she didn’t make the least move to stop any of it.

Megan’s fuller lips, which had been covered in purple lipstick earlier in the day but were now just vaguely darkened by the makeup, pressed against Ashley’s pink lips, which were just slightly shimmering with lip gloss.

Then Megan sort of attacked her friend with kisses. Megan climbed further onto the couch and pushed Ashley back a bit, until she was leaning on Mark, and kissed her deeply, slipping her tongue into Ashley’s mouth.

Ashley’s eyes closed again and she seemed to fall into Megan’s kisses. Mark watched, waiting for the kiss to break after a moment, but Megan wasn’t through. She kissed Ashley even deeper and then moved down and kissed the pretty girl’s freckled neck.

Mark sat there as the teenagers kissed and necked and were pushed into his lap. He was enjoying the slow and slowly his hand moved to Ashley’s shoulder, then her arm, then her side, then just under her breasts.

“Is this okay?” he whispered to the girl.

Ashley looked up at him, Megan kissing the girl’s neck and ear, and she bit her lip and shook her head, “yes, I’m sorry, I just get really nervous sometimes, but it’s okay.”

His hand continued and cupped the girl’s breast slowly. Ashley continued to meet his eye as Megan, completely taken with her friend’s body, kissed down the girl’s neck and cupped Ashley’s other breast.

“I think it might help if Megan stays and helps me play with you, is that okay?” Mark asked, finding Ashley’s hardening nipple and circling it. 

Ashley looked down at Megan, who was trying to pull down the low collar of Ashley’s summer dress.

“I guess so, I mean, she kinda likes it I think,” Ashley laughed a little less nervously.

Mark moved in and kissed Ashley again and then whispered into her ear as Megan pawed at her.

“I’ll tell you a secret, I think Megan brought this whole thing up to you because she wanted to play with you too.”

Ashley’s head tilted back and she let out a soft little moan as Megan finally got the shoulder straps of the girl’s dress pulled off and she got the collar far enough down to free one of Ashley’s puffy nipples, which immediately went into Megan’s hot mouth.

“Um, yeah, I kinda, thought maybe she might want that a little,” Ashley whispered back.

As Mark made out with Ashley, Megan kissed, sucked, and even nipped at Ashley’s nipples. Mark’s hand moved down the girl’s side and landed on her thigh. His hand looked dark against the white of her thigh. He let his fingers trace little patterns on that pale skin, slowly pushing her dress up, inch by inch until it was pulled up just below her crotch.

He slid his palm up the cool of her leg into the heat of the skin under her little dress and Ashley’s legs closed automatically and her hands went to pull her dress back down.

Megan looked down at that and rolled her eyes and slapped Ashley’s hands away.

“Ash, your nipples are hard and you have $500 in your bag, do you want to do this or not?” Megan said roughly, her face red and her eyes hungry.

“Sorry, I do, I’m just-I get nervous-I-” she tried to explain, but Megan wouldn’t have it.

Megan proceeded to pull off Ashley’s dress up and off, so that the pale girl was now sitting in her bra and panties on the couch between them. Megan then roughly turned her around so that she could undo the girl’s bra. Ashley moved her hands back to help her and Megan slapped the girl’s hands away again.

Megan’s locked eyes with Mark and smiled.

“Do you like it when I’m rough with her, daddy?” she whispered, biting her lip.

Ashley didn’t seem to hear her as she became passive again and let Megan strip her.

Mark wanted to be cool, give directions, stay in control, but the look and the words made it hard to form thoughts. He simply nodded.

Megan pulled Ashley’s bra off and then reached up and twisted her hand into Ashley’s golden hair.

“Now turn around and show daddy your titties,” she said, guiding the girl around by her hair.

Ashley whined and whimpered as her friend showed off the younger girl’s breasts, which uncovered looked larger than Mark imagined and which were tipped with nipples with areolas so puffy they stood out a good half an inch. 

Mark watched as her eyes unfocused and her body gave in quickly to Megan’s pushing and pulling.

“Do you like her titties?” Megan asked with a bratty tinge to her voice. 

She pulled and twisted Ashley’s nippled as Mark watched.

“Do you want to see her pussy? It’s so pretty. She showed me when we were at the spa,” Megan said, pulling Ashley to stand up and then pulling down her panties so the pale girl was naked between the two of them.

Mark wasn’t smiling, he was just watching. It made Ashley shy and embarrassed and made Megan wonder if she was doing things right.

“I think that’s enough Megan,” Mark said calmly, staring intently at her.

“What?” she asked, feeling suddenly meek.

“Why don’t you go sit down in that chair, he said pointing at a large leather chair next to the couch they were all sitting on. 

“I think you’ve helped enough. I’m going to fuck Ashley now,” he said, standing and undoing his belt.

Megan wasn’t sure what to do, her body was on fire and she wanted to touch Ashley more. She wanted to be part of the sex, but she slowly remembered that it was Mark’s $500 and Mark’s plan.

“She’s lovely, and you’re having fun showing her off, but I think I’m ready to fuck her now,” he reiterated, pulling off his pants and unbuttoning his shirt. 

“Would you be okay if I fucked you, Ashley?” Mark asked calmly.

She shrugged.

“Words, Ashley, use your words. I’m going to fuck you now, is that alright?”

She bit her lip and nodded again and then mumbled, “I guess so. I mean, um-yes, sir.”

Mark put his hand on Megan’s shoulder and pointed at a large chair next to the sofa. She stood, dejected, and sat cross legged on the couch, pouted and watched.

“Panties, Ashley,” he said coolly.

The timid girl on the couch shifted, slipped her thumbs into the sides of her underwear and bit her lip nervously.

Mark took off his socks and stood there in nothing but silk boxers with his hands on his hips waiting. Ashley scooted down, laying on the couch and then she pulled off her panties completely. She then sat, slightly open legged, giving Mark and Megan a view of her pussy. 

Megan squirmed as Mark moved to the couch and kneeled on the floor in front of Ashley, parting the girl’s legs and examining her. She seemed flustered, like she wanted to bolt, but she sat there, legs open, panting, letting the older stranger gently open and examine her pussy.

Megan tried to get a better look, but Mark soon leaned down and buried his face between Ashley’s legs. Ashley’s eyes almost popped out when Mark’s tongue started toying and exploring her. Megan bit her lip as she watched and squeezed her legs together in frustration.

She was wet, meek, delicate in a way that Megan was not. Her demeanor seemed to change dramatically once we went down on her and he liked that. For all of her shyness and worry she was genuinely turned on by the situation and as he slipped a finger into her he reveled at how her body shuddered and tightened.

“Megan, go and get me a condom,” Mark said without looking back at her.

She got up on wobbly legs and went to the bedroom and opened the drawer with all the sex stuff. Gloves and condoms and various lubricants. She got the expensive condoms he liked, the ones from Japan. She brought them to him and he looked up at her as he kneeled between Ashley’s legs, cock positioned just outside of her pussy.

“Put it on me, Megan,” he said quietly.

Megan opened the thing, got on her knees, her eyes locked on her friend’s pink pussy as she slipped the thin condom over Mark’s thick cock. She held his cock after, feeling the heat of it.

“Now you can help slip it in the first time, but then you have to go back to your chair. Since you’re being a good girl I’ll let you play with yourself while you watch me fuck your little friend. Can you do that for me?”

It was his daddy voice. Strong, a little condescending, but in the back, maybe just in a way only Megan could hear, it was caring too.

“Yes daddy,” she whispered.

He moved forward a little and she pushed the head of his cock against her best friend’s pussy. Megan realized the girl was so tight it might not even fit. Luckily the girl was so wet Megan was able to force the thick cock into her.

She watched as the younger girl’s pussy stretched. She heard Ashley emit the little mixed sounds of pain and want.

Megan could almost feel the cock moving, as if it were her cock. At that point she wanted to have a cock of her own to fuck Ashley with.

Megan got behind Mark and pushed him forward into Ashley until finally his whole cock was inside of her.

“Now go sit in that chair and finger fuck yourself like a good little slut for me,” he said, trying to sound calm, but obviously overtaken by the sensations he was experiencing.

In Mark’s life there was bondage and discipline, all sorts of mind games, and all manner of kink but in the end the feeling of his cock sinking into the tightness of a fresh faced and totally new girl’s pussy was the apex of pleasure. Time seemed to slow as millimeter by millimeter his hardness pushed into her. Her legs opened wide as her eyes closed and she took all of him.

Megan sat and opened her legs wide. She pulled her panties aside and squirmed and tried to get a good angle to watch Mark fuck Ashley. She could just barely see his cock disappearing into her pussy and it was driving her crazy.

Her own pussy was wet and her body felt hungry and agitated and consumed with want. She rubbed her clit and pushed two fingers into herself but it only made the itch worse. All she wanted was Mark’s cock and it need almost hurt as she watched him fuck Ashley. She was jealous of both of them. She wanted both of them. All she could do was finger herself and pout as she watched them.

Ashley had tried to consider all the details and ramifications of the whole arrangement. What she didn’t expect was that she would be coming. Orgasms were a sort of elusive thing for her, only available after long periods of toying with herself and closing her eyes and trying to make her brain stop long enough for her body to take over.

With Mark the thoughts didn’t seem to matter. He took over. His cock wasn’t going to stop and she had no control over him. He was fucking her and it was too much, too thick, too hard, and before she could open her mouth she was coming. 

Mark fucked the skinny blonde hard and fast. It wasn’t like fucking Megan, it wasn’t like anything else he’d had in a long while. It was a tight eighteen year old who was confused and unready and completely overwhelmed and before he knew it she was coming on his cock and he was slamming into her. From the corner of his eye he could see Megan fingering herself furiously and that image brought him to the edge.

Megan tried to keep up. She wanted to come with Mark. She pulled at her nipple through her skirt and fingered herself harder as she listened to Mark make his telltale growls and grunts. 

She thought about his come shooting into her pussy, into Ashley’s pussy. She thought about how he was a bad daddy and he was fucking her best friend and she thought about sucking his cock, covered in his come and Ashley’s pussy juice and then Megan came as well, whispering “daddy” over and over again.


Megan and Ashley sat on the swings they had once sat on when they first met in elementary school. It was early morning, a few days after the two had been to Mark’s house. Ashley had been quiet since, though Megan didn’t think she was particularly messed up by the whole ordeal.

“I talked to this lady at the college and she said I could still apply for classes. She said community college lets pretty much everybody in, so I paid the application fee and I just have to wait a week,” Ashley said as they swung.

“That’s cool,” Megan said, unsure of what else to say.

“The rest of the money won’t be enough for all the classes, but, I don’t know, maybe I could do stuff with Mark some more–” she trailed off, looking at Megan hopefully.

Megan looked down at the ground as it blurred back and forth as she swung. She tried not to smile as she remembered how Mark had gone on and on about the whole escapade. She’d never seen him giddy or even really happy, but he loved the chase. He loved the seduction. He said that’s why he was so good at his job, but she still wasn’t really sure what he did, so that didn’t help much.

“Oh, you want to work for Mark?” Megan asked, trying to sound somewhat surprised.

Ashley nodded slowly.

“I think I kind of need to,” she said quietly.

Megan frowned. “Mark said he really liked you, he thought you were really pretty and stuff,” Megan started.

Ashley smiled at this and for the first time Megan started to feel like a real jerk for helping Mark with his game. Ashley was her friend. Still, Megan was sort of addicted to the game and backing out now would mean Ashley would never have the money she needed and it could even jeopardize Megan’s own job.

“He just thinks maybe you’re not into the stuff that he likes, like the kinky stuff. If he’s going to pay someone else, besides me I mean, I think he wants someone who is really really into it too. Like, the whole daddy/little girl thing. It’s kinda a big deal for him,” she said with as much compassion as she could muster.

“Oh,” Ashley said in a low soft voice as eyes grew wider and her lip quivered a little.

“I’m so stupid,” Ashley continued, “after the first time I never even thought that he wouldn’t want to, I was too busy convincing myself to do it. I should have figured that out. I mean, he likes you and you are super hot and kinky and smart and stuff. You are sexy, I’m just cute,” she said with a tear slipping down her cheek.

Megan felt like she’d kicked a puppy. Her puppy. She got off her swing and hugged Ashley.

“You’re totally sexy! He’s just, like, advanced or something. I don’t know. Don’t be sad that you’re not kinky and into all this stuff because it’s all kind of, um, fucked up,” Megan said honestly.

Ashley shrugged and looked back down at the ground.

“I mean, I kind of had the whole thing planned,” said Ashley, “maybe I could like, learn to do the stuff Mark wants-”

Megan stopped her, “that’s the point, Ash, he kind of wants someone who is into it, not someone who will just pretend.”

It was breaking Megan’s heart. She saw her friend start to cry on the swings and she started to tear up too; not only because her friend was crying, but because she knew this was all going exactly the way Mark wanted. Looking into her friend’s eyes she knew the next words she would say before she said them.

“Maybe you could, like, help me like them? Maybe like, help me understand what he wants?” Ashley begged.

Megan sighed and nodded.

“We can try,” she said to her best friend, and then hugged her again, as she felt the swirl of guilt and hunger and power and helplessness in her belly.


Credit cards had always been bad news for Megan. She just had so little self control and it was so easy to just walk up to a counter and hand it to someone and then you got pretty things. Consequences always seemed vague and unlikely.

Mark gave Megan a credit card and explained that any unauthorized purchases would be taken out of her pay and if they went past what her pay could cover then she would be let go. That seemed to keep her in line.

That day she was approved for all the “little girl” clothes she could carry and she was taking Ashley along for the ride. American Apparel was understandably their first stop.

“So out of all the things Mark is into, socks are number one,” Megan explained, putting two pairs of white thigh high tube socks with red bands on the tops.

“Why does he like them so much?” Ashley said, looking at a pink pair.

“It’s all about innocence or something. I don’t know. It’s like he likes full grown girls, but he likes them to pretend to be young. He likes when they pretend their his daughter too. I think it’s like the wrongness of it. That it’s all taboo and stuff.”

Ashley’s eyebrows furled as she tried to understand all of that.

“So if I act like a baby he’ll like it?” she said, picking up something else that was pink.

Megan sighed, “listen, you’re already kind of, I don’t know, young acting. You just need to play it up a little. Not like a specific age or way, but pout and make your eyes all wide, like when your parents are mad at you and you try and look all sweet to get out of it,” she said as she paid for the pile of socks and hot pants and jumpers.

“You’re like bratty and stuff, should I do that?” Ashley asked as they went to another store.

Megan considered that.

“No, I don’t think that would work for you. I mean, you have to sort of use what you got. You don’t have much brattiness. You can act like a little girl though. Hell, you don’t even really look eighteen. You’ve got the big eyes and the shyness. You just need to dress the part and let yourself sort of, I don’t know, just let yourself be a little girl,” she said as they waited in line to pay for their basket of socks and little skirts.

Ashley thought about that with furled eyebrows.

“I mean, that doesn’t seem that hard. I just sort of let go of all those parts of me that say I’m supposed to act like an adult and not pout and cry all the time, which is sort of what my heart wants to do most day,” Ashley said while she picked out a pair of shorts with teddy bears on the butt cheeks. 

Megan smiled, wondering if Ashley was actually getting it.

“And I should just pretend like I’m young and he’s sort of like my dad, but not my real dad, and he’s like doing sex stuff to me and I kind of don’t want him to, but I sort of do want him to?” she continued, not noticing a soccer mom passing by and hearing a bit of what she was saying and almost tripping as they made their way to the Gap.

“Yeah, that would work,” Megan said, holding up a shirt for Gap Kids and wondering if it would fit on Ashley’s small frame.

“I can totally do that, and like, I liked when he did stuff to me and I guess it would be fun to be a little girl for a while, it’s like sometimes it’s nice to just be little and not have to make decisions and it could be like a fun game. Do you think if I get some little girl clothes and ask him really nicely he might give me another chance to show him that I could be-kinky and stuff?” Ashley asked her friend, who seemed suddenly nervous.

Megan sighed deeply.

“Yeah, I bet you could convince him. Go big, even if you think you’ll sound dumb and like you are obviously pretending to be a little girl. Like, go there in underoos sucking a lollipop and ask to suck daddy’s dick in a baby voice and he won’t be able to say no,” Megan said watching the woman who had overheard them before now turn white and then red.

Ashley smiled at this and they picked out a few completely ridiculous outfits and made plans. As they relaxed and joked Ashley seemed to have a new question on her mind that she was unsure how to ask. Megan let her think and was surprised when Ashley turned and asked “did you like, um, doing stuff to me?”

Megan looked her in the eye, took a deep breath and admitted, “listen, we’re friends, but you know I’m kind of a freak. I’ve sort of been wanting to mess around with you forever. You’re seriously the most beautiful girl I know.”

The minutes Megan said that she sighed as weight was lifted from her chest. To her relief, Ashley smiled.

“Well, I mean, you can like, do it anytime you want. You know, like kiss me and stuff,” she said with a giggle.

Megan bit her lip. “Anytime I want?”

Ashley nodded, her smile widening brightly. 

“Like we could go into the dressing room of the Gap and I could kiss you?”

Ashley started to laugh, but then saw that Megan was serious.

“If you want-” she said, and Megan grabbed her hand and pulled her across the store.

They both looked around the sterile clothing store for a few minutes and then they took the things they’d picked out and made their way to the dressing room. Megan pulled Ashley into a stall and pushed the girl against a wall and kissed her.

Ashley tasted like Cherry Coke and cinnabons and girl. Megan was addicted to the taste of her mouth. She pulled at Ashley’s clothes as they feverishly made out, all the time trying to be quiet enough not to get kicked out.

Megan kneeled on the rough carpet and pulled Ashley’s dress up. Ashley gasped, unsure of what to do or if she should stop her, but before she knew it Megan had put her head between Ashley’s leg and pulled her panties to the side and slipped her tongue right into her pussy.

Ashley sat there, legs apart, dress pulled up, with both hands over her mouth trying not to make a sound as her best friend went down on her.

Megan was in heaven. Ashley was still smooth from the waxing and she tasted slightly salty, just a tiny bit tangy and like just about the best thing ever. She slipped a finger into her best friend as she licked and Ashley squirmed and wiggled as her body fell into Megan’s control.

“Pull up your shirt,” Megan whispered and then she went back to covering Ashley’s pussy with her mouth.

Ashley looked down at her friend with wide eyes.

“I’m not supposed to! My mommy said not to show anybody,” she said in a babyish, but not too far from her own voice.

Megan groaned. She didn’t even consider this part of Ashley’s training and she sort of imagined anything Ashley did to be a little girl would be for Mark’s benefit only, but seeing Ashley’s little transformation made Megan’s body go into overdrive.

“Come on, Ash, I’m your best friend, it’s okay just to show me for a second,” Megan said, pushing a second finger into the younger girl’s pussy.

Ashley was now covering her mouth to stop from moaning out loud and she nodded quickly and pulled up her pink shirt and her bra and sat back looking like a webcam slut with her shirt pulled off and her face red.

The three loud knocks on the door made them both almost jump out of their skins. Megan stood up and said “one more minute!” and Ashley pulled her shirt back down and tried to fix herself.

They both looked scared for a second and then started laughing at the absurdity of it. They bought more clothes there and then at a few other places, even getting some real school girl skirts from a uniform shop nearby.

As they walked back to Ashley’s car, Megan held her hand for a little while and it made her feel all light headed and sweet. She’d always had a crush on Ashley and now everything seemed to be going right. She knew Mark’s plan was working and she’d finally gotten a taste of Ashley’s pussy. It was only a matter of time until she got to do all the things she wanted with the pretty blonde.


“Dear Daddy,

I know I’m not scheduled for tomorrow, but if you are not busy I thought Ashley and I could come over because we’ve been shopping and we got these kind of matching outfits and I thought maybe we could play some more games with Ashley.

I talked to her a whole bunch and she helped me with my college application and she said she would call you daddy too and I think she’s kind of starting to understand how to be a little girl. I think she’s sort of a different little girl than me, but I think you might like her kind too because she’s all pretty and shy and innocent.

It makes me want to do bad stuff to her. Can I, daddy? I know she’s yours or will be yours, but that makes her my little sister and I can play with my little sister, right? Maybe you can fuck her while I lick her clit because I saw that in a dirty movie and it looked real fun.

Daddy, she tastes so good! I mean her pussy. I sort of went down on her in the dressing room of the Gap. I kissed it so much and now I want her to kiss mine.

So tell me if you want us to come over. Here are some pictures we took in the dressing room. 




Monday came and Mark woke up at six. He ran, he showered, he had breakfast. He went into the office for a few hours and hit his current projects with an intensity that surprised everyone. He closed deals and left after a lunch meeting.

When he arrived home he found his dishes washed and his dry cleaning picked up. He found his bed made and his closet organized and two half naked teenage girls with their arms folded behind their backs standing in his bedroom wearing matching white button up blouses, purple and pink plaid school girl skirts, pink thigh high socks, and too much pink lipstick.

He wondered what other people came home to.

“Hi daddy,” said Megan.

“I’ve been showing Ashley what to do on Mondays. How to make your food and how to make your bed. She’s real smart. She knew how to do hospital corners and everything. She was even taking notes! And and, we didn’t even fool around even though we wanted to,” she said, reverting to the little girl version of herself that he had only ever seen her act like when they were alone.

Ashley was smirking a little, looking like she was waiting for her cue.

“Um, hi mister, um, Mark, I mean, um daddy,” Ashley started in a babyish voice like Megan’s, “Megan said I was supposed to wear this and um, call you daddy if you want me to and let you know that I vacuumed the whole house and, um, that you could fuck me in my pussy if you want because Megan told me dirty things all day and made my pussy all wet and so you could slip right in if you wanted to,” she said with practiced awkwardness, as if she were reading the world’s dirtiest book report.

Megan poked her in her side.

“Oh, right, and Megan got me those, um, big girl pills, so I won’t have babies, so you can, like, shoot your come in me. I mean, in my pussy. If you want, daddy. Is it okay if I call you that?”

Mark, who liked to be in control, was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

“That’s fine, Ashley,” he said with a cough.

“Can I call you daddy?” she asked, blinking and fluttering her eyelashes.

“Um, yes, of course, I’d like that,” he said, putting down his things and watching Megan try and contain her big goofy smile.

“Daddy, daddy, can we all do it now? I want to want to. Super bad,” Megan said, jumping up and down a little.

Mark smiled.

“Badly. Super badly,” he corrected.

“Let’s go into the bedroom and I show you a new game,” he said with a wide smile directing the two teenagers into the bedroom.


What surprised Ashley most was how easy it all was. She had thought the whole role playing thing would constantly feel awkward and fake, but she’d slipped into little girl mode so easily she wondered if she’d be able to slip back out.

She sat at the edge of the bed watching Mark be mean to Megan. It wasn’t really mean, but it was his “mean game.”

He had wrestled Megan onto the bed and pulled and even ripped off some of her clothes. She was in nothing but her thigh high pink socks and Ashley was a bit hypnotised by Megan’s cinnamon colored skin and the smooth triangle of slightly lighter skin between her legs and her breasts.

Mark then brought out a whole bunch of rope. That was a little scary, but Ashley knew it was okay because he was just tying up Megan. Plus Ashley knew she had to be brave and be “kinky” because that was the only way to get her allowance.

Megan was soon trussed up tightly, laying in the center of the bed with her arms pinned to her sides and her legs tied closed. She was like a wriggling little worm and Mark smiled down at her and smacked each of her breasts four or five times until they were bright red.

“Ashley, come over and see,” ordered Mark and she jumped up and stood next to him.

“Do you want to touch her?” he asked?

She got nervous and a little embarrassed and shrugged.

“Touch her breasts,” Mark said softly, petting Ashley’s hair.

Megan, watched how tender he was to Ashley, compared to how mean he was to her and was confused, turned on, and very pleased that it was all working out.

As Ashley tentatively cupped Megan’s breasts the bound girl struggled against the rope.

“Now this is the game, Ash,” he said pressing against her back as she explored Megan’s body.

“I’m going to lay you on top of Megan while she’s all tied up and put your pussy right on her face,” he said, laughing a little at Megan’s whimpers.

“Then I’m going to fuck you while Megan licks you, but Megan isn’t going to get fucked because she’s a bad slutty little girl,” he said, groping Ashley from behind, unbuttoning and then pulling off the girl’s top.

“But, but, mister- I mean, um, daddy that’s mean! Megan’s a good girl… sometimes,” Ashley said sweetly.

“Is she?” he said, pulling off Ashley’s skirt and helping her onto the bed.

“Daddy, maybe you can fuck her a little? After me? She looks so sad all tied up,” she said as Mark positioned her over Megan’s face and then helped her lower her pussy onto it.

Mark looked at the two girls, the pale skinned Ashley bent over as Megan lapped at her clit. She was at just the right angle that he could slip his cock into her as Megan licked and so he did, slowly.

“Megan will get what she deserves, don’t worry about her one bit. Right now she’s going to be a little helper. Aren’t you, Megan?” Mark asked with a cruel little bend in his voice.

Megan nodded in the affirmative as she licked and licked for all she was worth. Her mind had almost blacked out by then from the stimulation. She fought against the rope, she tried to breathe in between being smothered by Ashley’s pussy. She watched as Mark’s cock slid in and out of said pussy and she even slipped her tongue around his cock as he fucked Ashley, using Megan as no more than a fucking platform.

All the while Megan’s own pussy felt painfully empty. As Mark started fucking Ashley harder, Ashley gripped Megan’s thighs for support. Megan’s body was pushed and pulled as they fuck on top of her. Ashley’s hand moved up and soon her fingers tried to slip between Megan’s legs, which were still tied together.

Megan’s thighs were so wet Ashley was able to push her small hand between them and slip three skinny fingers into Megan’s pussy.

Megan was hypnotized by the sight in front of her. Mark’s cock pushed in and out of Ashley’s pussy while Megan licked at the girl’s clit. At the same time Ashley fingered Megan. They all moved together, one writhing mass and as Mark felt Megan’s eager tongue switch from Ashley’s clit to his balls he felt himself building and building. The warmth of Megan’s mouth on his balls pushing him over the edge and causing him to come into the little blonde, over and over again.

Then Ashley was sitting up and putting all of her pussy over Megan’s face, not just her clit. Megan licked and licked and realized that Mark’s come was dripping out of the girl, into Megan’s mouth and she licked and swallowed it as Ashley let out little birdlike moans and whimpers.

Then the rope was coming off and the three of them were soon all cozy in the tangled sheets and tangled limbs. Ashley was kissing Megan as Mark watched them with a smile.

“I don’t remember saying you could finger her, Ashley,” Mark said with half hearted seriousness.

“Sorry daddy, she just looked like she needed it so badly,” Ashley said between kisses.

Mark sighed.

“I suppose I can let it go for now,” he said, laying back and drifting into a nap.

When he awoke Ashley was above him, grinding her pussy into his face. He let his tongue lazily taste her pink slit as the familiar high of having a girl sit on his face rushed into his veins. He was aware of other movements and realized Megan was also on top of him, but she was stuffing his hardening cock into her pussy.

Soon his face and cock were covered in pussy and he let himself be ridden by both little girls, holding off his orgasm until he felt Ashley coming all over his face and then feeling himself shoot again and again into Megan. He could hear both of them screaming “daddy” as they came and he thought that his life had probably overtaken his wildest fantasies at some point that day and he was going to have to keep these two girls happy and in his bed as long as he possibly could.

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