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Mr. McIntyre’s Secret

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It’s the 1960s. Abigail is a mousy secretary who is in love with her boss. He’s brilliant, handsome, charming, and powerful. She isn’t satisfied typing his letters and organizing his affairs. But once she steps into his world, she finds nothing is as she expected. Mr. McIntyre is full of secrets. Will Abigail become another one of them?

Chapter One – Morning Routine
Chapter Two – Missed Appointments
Chapter Three – Diary Entry
Chapter Four – The First Assignment
Chapter Five – A Visit from Marcy
Chapter Six – An Assignment Completed
Chapter Seven – Dress-up
Chapter Eight – Dressage
Chapter Nine – Minutes
Chapter Ten – Failure
Chapter Eleven – Jazz
Chapter Twelve – Tea
Chapter Thirteen – Back to the Mansion
Chapter Fourteen – Marcy’s Turn
Chapter Fifteen – Comfort
Chapter Sixteen – Anything
Epilogue – The Birthday Party
Extra – A Day in the Life of Ms. Marcy Peterson


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