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Stories of the Order of Dionysus

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Gentle reader,

I feel a bit silly having to state this, but since there has been some confusion, let me reiterate, there is no Order of Dionysus. What a absurd thing to think. There are no obscene orgies taking place behind innocuous red doors. No cages holding nude acolytes. No gilded libraries of secrets and sin. There are no sacred and profane rites being performed in grottos nor are there pins that grant entrance to hidden worlds of pleasure.

Search not for these things. I promise you will be disappointed. Enjoy your life as it is and enjoy these erotic and completely fictional tales.

Jack Stratton

The Original Stories

Part 1 – The Ex
Part 2 – The Pass
Part 3 – The Rabbit
Part 4 – The Gilded Library
Part 5 – The Hole
Part 6 – The Mark
Part 7 – The Shop
Part 8 – The Exhibit
Part 9 – The Lead

New Stories

Part 10 – The Research Library
Part 11 – Comfort

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