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This site contains explicit stories of sexual & kinky fantasies and is not intended for readers under 18.

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Isle of Me

A physicist accidentally transports herself to another dimension and is trapped on a deserted island alone. Soon though, she isn’t so alone, when a version of her from another dimension, appears. Then another version. And another.

Can they figure out a way off the island? Can they stop from succumbing to the curiosity of what it’s like to kiss yourself? Can they learn to love themselves?

Sick Girl

The whine was a little girl noise: a pouting, stubborn groan of frustration. I heard it when I opened the door and let the light from the hall break the spell of darkness in her room. On the pink bed, the girl was covered in blankets, pillows, comforters, and stuffed...


I didn’t know the Porters very well, though our families had been intertwined in various ways for most of my life, be it in business, marriage, or as friends. Then again, my position in my own family was somewhat liminal. I came and left. I disappeared for months at a...

Ménage à Text

Truth be told, Elise didn’t even really like him. That’s not to say she wasn’t already wet when she got off at his subway stop and climbed the familiar stairs into the lingering evening sun. She hadn’t been to his apartment in weeks. She hadn’t walked through the...

The Crush

That morning, after we fucked, Amy told me that she had a crush on a boy. I was still half asleep as she sat on the edge of the bed and slowly slipped on her bra. I watched as she fumbled a bit with the tiny bent clasps. She was a pouting princess sometimes. There was...

Order of Dionysus: The Role – Work in Progress

Chapter 1: The Interview Elizabeth was a bit bleary-eyed as she tried to sit up straight in the surprisingly comfortable leather chair in the long hallway of the mansion. The floor was dark wood, and there was a long rug that ran the expanse of the hall to the stairs....

Desecrating Fiona – Work in Progress

At forty-five, for the most part, I turned off my libido when at the office. Around the company, it was, perhaps, noticeable that I did not react to things. Sexually unflappable. It had been remarked on. There had been various rumors in the company about my sexual...

M, Mme, & Mlle

It was the golden hour when Madam Thérèse de Dillon, still in the elaborate gown she wore for her husband’s meeting with his Viennese investors, finally collapsed on her overstuffed chaise longue and received her favorite guest. Sophie, hardly twenty and in a very...

Love Seat

There was a familiar comfort in the deep couch. There was a knowledge that if one sat on that couch, they would sink back and possibly never get up.  But that’s what we wanted at that moment.  It was cold and raining outside. We could hear a bitter and cruel...

Leaving for Paris

Julia went to see James in New York before she left for Paris. When she wrote him that she was moving there, he was the only one who didn’t ask her why. That was James. That was why she had to see him before she went. She took the train from Philly into New York, and...

The Writing Group

I was reminded today of our old writing group. The secret one. The one that involved lots of drinking and dirty words and laughs. To be honest, my favorite part of our old writing group had to be Lisa Tan’s pussy…

A Useful Girl

Teasing can be fun, but it’s important to know everyone’s lines. Though sometimes, you learn someone gets wet when you make fun of them. Then there are all kinds of games you can play.

Can’t Win

She was told not to wear panties. But girls who don’t wear panties are sluts. She just can’t win.

Madeline for Brunch

Two friends have Madeline for brunch. She’s such a good girl. She does all the dishes and cleans up their mess, and will crawl right to bed if they ask her to.

Morning Paper

It was simple. Any time she masturbated or had any kind of sexual encounter, she would stop by his apartment the next morning and hand him a note with the details. He would read it in front of her while he had his coffee.

Hitachi Slut

The only thing he was more thankful for than Lucy’s insatiability, was the fact that she didn’t have a Hitachi and had to beg to use his.

Sleepy Girls

She was such a pretty girl when she was sleeping. So soft and pliable, with her eyes closed and her defenses down. Her warm skin under soft sheets called to me, and I couldn’t keep my hungry hands away. Tiny kisses wouldn’t wake her. Neither did the careful parting of...


As Jason showed me around the big house, I was impressed by the space. A modern kitchen with a six-burner stove. A fireplace and huge television in the living room. “We have a hot tub out on the back deck. Business-class internet. The neighborhood is great—lots of...

Morning with Them

Birds chirped, and the sun crept in from the small opening between the curtains. It was enough to rouse us. I held myself in that place between sleep and waking. Smelling the cold air that drifted in over the heat of the radiator. I heard a sigh and felt them turn,...


When I think about Jasmine, I remember the hours of kissing. I remember the humidity of our attraction. How we locked ourselves in my bedroom, and it was like we turned into teenagers fogging up the windows as we wrestled in the backseat of a car at Makeout Point. But...


This website contains a large collection of the erotic works of Jack Stratton. These stories, unless otherwise noted, are purely fantasy. Some of these stories contain elements of non-consent, taboo or simply very unhealthy relationships, and dangerous or at least very impractical sexual acts. The author doesn’t condone any of these things. In life, consent is key. In art and fantasy, anything goes.

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Lady in Waiting

Isabelle is kind of a princess. A pillow princess. When she invites Ava over, Ava always knows what it’s for. She can’t help it though.

View From a Bridge

Fear can heighten things. In the heat of the moment, though, you can forget where the game ends.

Sunday Girl

A somewhat sweet story about casual kink. Well, as sweet as a story can be about tying someone to a bed and using them all day.

Little Fantasies

Just a little piece of a dark, dirty fantasy. Letting yourself be little, small, and taken advantage of.