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This site contains explicit stories of sexual & kinky fantasies and is not intended for readers under 18.

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Jason got a full-time job as a research assistant at a museum while he worked on his master’s degree, which means he hardly slept. He was also a teaching assistant three days a week, which meant he was basically teaching a class. Most of the time he seemed to be on...

In the Park

Violet lived in apartment 1C, a tiny studio, the smallest in the building. She’d moved there because of the building’s proximity to Prospect Park and because the rent was inexpensive, and because the building was beautiful. She was a college student, and she had...

Following the Mouse

She seemed like a little mouse. That’s how I thought of her, what I called her in my head. My little mouse. Oh, how I was wrong. That’s the way it is sometimes. You see a woman, and she can’t look you in the eyes. She is sweet and pretty, and her cheeks go red when...

Eyes and Hands

Of the many strange and wonderful things I’ve seen in the past few years, few were as surprising as the tableau I glimpsed as the elevator doors opened to the party in the penthouse of the fancy downtown hotel. It was amazing, beautiful, decadent, breathtaking, and...

The Valet

The dry cleaner (a lovely woman from Belarus, I believe) had my order hanging near the cash register, waiting for me. She tried to brush away my tip, but as always, she eventually conceded with a smile and daintily shoved the few extra dollars (as daintily as someone...


A friendly night out takes an interesting turn when a remote controlled vibrator is introduced.

Aching Revisited

Having an old friend over. Sometimes girls are bratty because it’s the only way they know how to get the violence they want.

Faux Hunt

To test his bride to be, Dandy Jack and his cadre of gentleman hunters switch out a fox for a lovely red-headed vixen.

The Secret I Couldn’t Keep

She sent him some pictures, because he asked. He was obsessed from the start. When she came to the city to visit him, he couldn’t help himself. She had secrets and just needed an excuse to tell them to someone.


I’m very fond of this story. It’s the future. A woman orders a top-of-the-line sex robot. She’s not sure what to expect. Will it be a dead-eyed doll? Will she fall in love? What she gets is kindness. What she gets is help understanding what she wants.


It had lingered in his head for months. Never really taking shape in any plan, but just gestating in his imagination. “You should make me cry one day,” she had said. He had raised an eyebrow, pondered the thought, but said nothing. The day it came up again, they were...


I stood in the corner of the small room, tense, ready, waiting. I wore a simple black suit with a white shirt and a black tie. My jacket was a little tight. It made me feel like a caged animal. I was ready to pounce. Jane was sitting at a small card table with the...

Lips and Regret

Her lips were far too full for such a fragile bird-like girl. She had no right to have lips like that. It was, among other things, unfair. There was an aesthetic there, in her dress, which was layers of diaphanous sepia silk and gauzy cotton. The way her hair was...


In her eyes, forever, there was a Midwest kindness. But New York City had let her down, and most of the time she was sad under those thick black bangs. It wasn’t exactly shame that shown in her face when she climbed the stairs to my apartment, but burden. Her kinks...

His Hall

She missed his wall, his hall. That place he always threw her against when she came into his apartment. She missed feeling small and afraid. She’d grown up too much, become too jaded, too brave to feel so little. She missed the anxiety and hunger she felt walking down...


When Margaux bent forward, nude, her thighs together, a split peach appeared between her legs, or so I said to Rose, who sat next to me. Margaux laughed when I told her this and corrected me. “No, no, it is my little macaron,” she said with her somewhat vague British...

Lucy’s Game

It started as just a little game between Lucy and me. How I’d tease her and how she’d blush and pout. “You know the only reason I like you is because of your big tits,” I’d say, pushing her into a corner and feeling her up. “Rude! How could you say that!” she’d whine,...


“The other night, I was so exhausted,” she said, pulling off her long socks. He was looking in the mirror, gauging the length of his stubble, rubbing his hand across his cheek. “I peeled off my clothes and dropped them on the floor, and then you scolded me and made me...

Impeccable Service

There was a peace in the courtyard of the hotel that he thought was gone from the world. A good strong pot of coffee wordlessly placed on his table, fresh fruit and fresh croissants, pristine white tablecloths under wide cerulean umbrellas which were in turn under a...

What’s in a Name

I wanted her to say it. I wanted her to admit it. I didn’t like it when she didn’t tell me the truth, but it was part of the game. It wouldn’t have been as fun if she just said it, but I honestly didn’t like it when she lied. So I spank her honestly.

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This website contains a large collection of the erotic works of Jack Stratton. These stories, unless otherwise noted, are purely fantasy. Some of these stories contain elements of non-consent, taboo or simply very unhealthy relationships, and dangerous or at least very impractical sexual acts. The author doesn’t condone any of these things. In life, consent is key. In art and fantasy, anything goes.

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The Evolution of This Site and My Writing

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