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This site contains explicit stories of sexual & kinky fantasies and is not intended for readers under 18.

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Earning My Coffee

A very early story of mine. An intimate morning game. Exploring switching and involving one of my favorite activities: queening or facesitting.

A Meal of You

A playful fairytale inspired by Alice in Wonderland. A girl slips into a fantastical world and is thrown into a frightening adventure. Don’t read this if you are offended by very questionable consent, attempted cannibalism, obscene cutlery, mammoth root vegetables, and/or the misuse of butter.

Old Gray Bill

Catherine was fascinated by Old Bill down the hall. He was a writer, who had a pretty girl come and type his stories, and after, Catherine could hear the sound of spanking.

Feast of Fools

Waking up to a dream of candles and masks and a fantastical feast. Inspired by the idea of Carnival.


A slightly fictionalized story of a yankee going down to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and finding himself in a real debutante ball.

Lip Gloss and Control

She had that thing. That thing where she always looked pissed off. It took a long time to figure out that she wasn’t always mad, just most of the time. She invited me over to brainstorm. She had an art project she was working on, but we never seemed to get to talking...

The Dinner Party

Bethany Paige had beautiful huge round wine glasses. They were fish bowls with stems. Not only were they enormous, but there were so many of them. There had to be twenty-five people stuffed into her Williamsburg loft and every guest held one of these goblets. Plus...

Isle of Me

A physicist accidentally transports herself to another dimension and is trapped on a deserted island alone. Soon though, she isn’t so alone, when a version of her from another dimension, appears. Then another version. And another.

Can they figure out a way off the island? Can they stop from succumbing to the curiosity of what it’s like to kiss yourself? Can they learn to love themselves?

Sick Girl

The whine was a little girl noise: a pouting, stubborn groan of frustration. I heard it when I opened the door and let the light from the hall break the spell of darkness in her room. On the pink bed, the girl was covered in blankets, pillows, comforters, and stuffed...


I didn’t know the Porters very well, though our families had been intertwined in various ways for most of my life, be it in business, marriage, or as friends. Then again, my position in my own family was somewhat liminal. I came and left. I disappeared for months at a...

Garter Boy

He knelt on the hardwood, the cracks of the old Lower East Side apartment’s aging floor pressing against his knees through the thin material of his black tuxedo trousers. The giggling around the room was pervasive, as were the popping of champagne bottles and the...

Putting Things Together

She promised not to smoke if I just came over. When I got there, she stank of mouthwash, and she didn’t know what to do with her hands. You could always tell the state of Amanda’s life by the state of her lips. As she moved in to kiss my cheek, I saw that those...

Word of Mouth

Downstairs, in a bar that’s a half secret, there is a party that is supposed to be kept quiet. It was my first time at that particular soiree, and I was told when the door closed, things get interesting. The painter is a chemical necessity in these situations. She is...

The Front

One of my most vivid memories of youth was in early high school. I was fooling around with a girl named Maria, who lived a few blocks away from me. She was a very soft-spoken and sweet girl. We were the same age, but she went to Catholic school, whereas I went to...


We were going out for drinks. That was all. Just to see if we were both alright. This was after our break up and after the crying. We eyed the subway signs as they passed the window. All the numbers going up. Our hands found each other, but she wouldn’t look me in the...

Seven Minutes

The walk-in closet was almost completely dark. A shaft of light came from under the door, which gave them just enough illumination to make out each other’s forms once their eyes adjusted. “This is ridiculous,” he started, but then she stumbled into him. Her body was...


He was never content just to receive. He was never happy with just one form of stimulation.  If they kissed sweetly, his hand would inevitably find her breast. If they cuddled, his palm would find the roundness of her ass.  Not that she minded. She liked to...


Existential masturbation rituals in the quarantine or sublimation of divinity for the sacrament of ones own body.


Cultivate a desperation in her. Plant seeds in whispers and midnight missives. Give her little tasks that propagate the cycles that will undo her. Have her touch herself, but never to climax. Rub your cock against her, but never penetrate. Tease and touch and play,...


We didn't speak. It was something we decided early on, in emails and texts and our conversations in the café that sat in between our apartment buildings. Over time, one by one, we took away each line of communication. As our negotiations went on and our boundaries...

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This website contains a large collection of the erotic works of Jack Stratton. These stories, unless otherwise noted, are purely fantasy. Some of these stories contain elements of non-consent, taboo or simply very unhealthy relationships, and dangerous or at least very impractical sexual acts. The author doesn’t condone any of these things. In life, consent is key. In art and fantasy, anything goes.

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