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Prompt 12 – Danger

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The fact that Courtney, the poor little rich girl, wanted to tag along with us proved that the upper class had no real understanding of danger. They constructed artificial dangers, like big game hunting and sky diving, and mountain climbing.

Tyler and I had grown up facing real danger every day. Starvation, abuse, crime, drugs, homelessness. She was a tourist trying to get a contact high off our trauma. We were fighting for our lives.

And she saw it in my eyes. My contempt. I didn’t hide it. Maybe she thought I was jealous because she was fucking Tyler, but I’d been there and it wasn’t anything to particularly be jealous of. I wasn’t Tyler’s girl, I wasn’t jealous, I just hated her.

Yet there we were, going on a heist with a tourist in tow. Not that it was a particularly dangerous plan, but when you were breaking into a museum, even a small one, there was always a level of risk.

We were working for some collector. He was someone that Courtney connected us with, which was the only reason I agreed to let her tail us. He wanted some little statue in a little museum just outside the city. Hardly any security and the cops in the area had an over ten-minute arrival rate, from what I’d researched.

So there we were, on the roof in matching black catsuits, getting ready to repel down from the skylight.

Tyler was all business. Head on a swivel, checking every angle as I went down the rope first. I could hear Courtney giggling as she followed me down. Tyler stayed up top to make sure we could get back up fast.

I’d cased the place and done all the homework. We had a map and we knew where all the cameras were. We knew how long it took security to get to us and how long the cops would take to get to the museum.

It was always surreal walking through a museum at night with the big lights off and only a few little spotlights on cases and paintings. We rushed across the main room fast, Courtney surprising me as she kept up with my stealthy jog.

We found the statue, under glass. I looked around and didn’t see any security. I got out my glass cutter and readied for the snatch. There was no real way to stop the alarm, so once I grabbed it we had to bold.

Courtney crouched next to me and smiled. “This is fucking intense. My heart is racing,” she whispered. I rolled my eyes and put a finger to my lips.

The glass cutter took time and was a little loud. I had told Courtney to keep a lookout while I did it when we were planning, but she seemed to forget and was looking at a nearby painting. She was useless.

When the glass was finally cut through all the way, we both heard a noise from our left. I put my hand through the hole and grabbed the statue, along with whatever else I could hold. I put them in my bag and stood.

Tiny red lights flashed in the case and I heard alarms going off in the distance. There was a flashlight from out left. I grabbed Courtney’s arm and ran back to the rope. I climbed, but Courtney’s arms weren’t strong enough. When I got to the top, Tyler and I pulled her up by the rope. By then, there were lights turning on below and voices shouting.

We had time, the security didn’t carry guns. When Courtney finally got up, I coiled the rope into Tyler’s back and we all went to the edge of the roof. I saw a single red and blue siren in the near distance.

“Fuck, there must have been a cop nearby,” Tyler said. We made our way down the side of the museums, the way we climbed up and ran for the car.

The cop was near, closing in on us. Tyler looked around. “I’m gonna steal a car and lead them away. Wait until the cop follows me and then go. Meet me at the safehouse,” Tyler said.

He was a good driver and knew how to throw a tail. It was a good plan. I got into the driver’s seat of our car and ducked down. A few moments later I saw one of the cars in the parking lot, probably one of the security guard’s cars, start and zoom towards the cop car.

We waited, watching Tyler nearly miss the cop car and head for the highway. The cop car spun and followed him. When they were out of sight I started the engine, but kept the lights off and went in the opposite direction.

Back at the safehouse we paced and watched the news. Tyler wasn’t back, but it was too soon to really worry.

“That was fucking crazy! My heart is still going a million miles an hour!” Courtney said with a wide smile. I shook my head.

“Come on, you have to admit, it gives you a high, right?”

I shrugged. “I guess. You kind of get used to it,” I lied. My adrenaline was still pumping hard. My body was activated.”

Courtney seemed to read my mind and looked me up and down. “Kind of makes me all turned out. You know?” She said, getting a little closer.

“Danger will do that,” I said. Looking down at my phone I saw Tyler’s text. “Had to go the long way around. Ditched the car. Walking back. I’ll see you in an hour.” I read the message to Courtney.

She nodded and got a bottle of champagne out of the little refrigerator of our motel. “Well, we’ll have to figure out what to do with all this energy until then,” she said, unzipping her catsuit.

I sighed. I hated her. A poor little rich girl who was used to getting whatever she wanted. What I hated, even more, was that I was going to fuck her. I frowned as I moved in and took a swig of the champagne, then I kissed her.

Sometimes it’s freeing to fuck someone you don’t like.

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