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Prompt 13 – Lush

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The key was getting the tub warm before filling it. It took a little more work, but on a winter day, it was worth it. A pot of boiling water poured down the side of the tub that was near the window. Then the salts, lavender oil, rose-scented bubbles, as it starts to fill. It’s all about layers of scent and moisturizing.

Plenty of time to light candles all around the bathroom while the tub fills. Just a little incense, too much can be too intense. The bath bomb doesn’t go in until the bath is almost full.

Champagne is popped, just before I guide her into the bathroom. Helping her off with her sleep clothes. Bodies close, hand on her hip, rubbing her back, calming voice.

She has a slight smile. She is calm. Her eyes are heavy-lidded, sleepy. I hold her hand as she steps in. I’ve made sure it is hot but not uncomfortably so. It took a while to know exactly how she liked it and how to get the bath to that temperate just as it filled.

She gets champagne and a macaron. She gets kisses. She lays back and soaks for a bit. Then I get to scrubbing. Toes first and she giggles. Legs and knees, top and bottom. Arms and hands. Sit her up for her back. Hard scrubbing, back, shoulders, neck. Soft down the chest.

Navigating the breasts. It’s a comforting bath, but moments of playfulness are rewarded with sighs. Then back down. More champagne, a bit of chocolate. A few little kisses on the neck.

The bath is emptied a bit and she is turned around. I wet her hair with fresh water. Shampoo slowly and thoroughly rubbed into her scalp, down her hair, getting every strand. I bring a pitcher and fill it with water. Tilt her head back and cover her forehead with my hand to keep the water out of her eyes. Repeat with conditioner. More kisses.

Finally, when soap and suds, and oils are washed off, she is helped out of the tub. A towel, warmed on the radiator. Patted dry, kisses on neck, soothing words.

Then? She can have whatever she wants.

This post is part of Flash Fiction February from Storytelling Collective.

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