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Prompt 19 – Senses

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Tom could notice the smallest change in the color of the sky. He could look at paintings for hours, seeming to see them with different eyes than everyone else. He loved the rainbows made by oil on water.

Sarah had perfect pitch. More often than not it just meant she cringed at a lot of songs. It made the imperfections of the world unignorable. But she had a little folder of songs on her computer that could make her cry tears of joy.

El closed their eyes when they ate. The texture of a perfectly cooked egg could bring tears to her eyes. She would let flakes of salt melt on her tongue. She could pick out what kinds of flowers the bees who made her honey feasted on.

Elise stood at the entrance of the Botanic Gardens and picked out the scents of the flowers. She sat for hours on a bench that was between her favorite bakery and her favorite cafe, so she could let the aromas from both keep her enraptured all morning. She kept a 2×2 square of her lover’s old pillowcase in a little box, for when she needed to remember her.

Allan rubbed his finger against the ribbed metal around the eraser of his pencil to help him remember things. His favorite thing in the world was the feel of his lover’s hip when there were impressions left from her silk underwear. He spent long hours tracing the eagles on the backs of quarters.

Shane knew when it would rain. They felt it in their knee and in their soul. They could smell snow on the wind. They dreamt of storms.

Arno could feel death. He knew the way it weighed down someone’s shadow. He felt the coldness of its hands and could smell the wet earth stench of it on someone’s breath.

Margot never told anyone, but she could see love, like an aura or a halo. She tried not to let it bother her that she never saw it in her own reflection, but then again she wasn’t sure if those sorts of things worked with mirrors. Usually she wore sunglasses because the whole thing was a bit embarrassing.

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