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Prompt 27 – The Plane in the Woods

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Day 103: A fight broke out between the twins and it put everyone on edge. It seemed strange to interfere in a fight between siblings. Shin broke it up before the two blond boys came to blows.

It’s just another symptom of the stress we are all under, trying to cope with the death of our only doctor, the almost constant rainfall, and our dwindling food supplies.

Living in the world we grew up in we never really considered how long food could keep without refrigeration. What food might be best for living outdoors. Once we used up the canned foods that were in the plane, we had to figure things out. A lot of time that meant severe hunger. It meant eating things that made us sick. It meant some of us dying.

It’s easy to think of a life stranded in the middle of nowhere might be nothing but struggle and sadness, but the human mind doesn’t really work that way. We laughed. We made up games. We flirted and fucked. We found ways to go on. At least some of us did.

The twins grew up a bit more well-off and never really psychologically processed our new life. Physically though they were the healthiest and strongest, well, besides Shin who was once an athlete.

I guess I should fill in some background. I’m Sam, once Samantha. I was on a plane with a bunch of strangers flying to a remote area in Northern China. We were escaping war, pandemic riots, and a civilization that was collapsing. You guessed it, we crashed. It was a relatively safe emergency landing in a huge uncharted forest.

At one time it would have been on the news, there would be a rescue, but the world wasn’t like that anymore. Everyone had their own problems, so we were left to our own devices.

There were mountains to the north and that meant some kind of shelter and probably water, so we went that way. We found some caves, fought some bears, made a sort of home. We went from 34 to 20 to 16 to 13. The winter was the hardest, but the spring and summer weren’t so bad.

We figured out how to make a fire in the cave and where to sleep so we didn’t choke to death on the smoke. We found fresh water in the little rivers of runoff from the snow-capped mountain. We learned that rabbits were the best food. Anything bigger went bad and attracted other predators.

The whole sex thing was the weirdest part. The dozen of us split into three groups. The two couples, who became inseparable; the few who didn’t want anything to do with sex; and the rest of us, who became hedonists out of boredom.

We split our camp up by those divisions. Six months in, our little camp of deviants lept over every boundary we thought we had. We tried out the genders we once thought we weren’t into. We got kinky. We roleplayed. We had orgies. We filled the mountains with the echoes of our moans and screams.

The couples and the others often couldn’t look us in the eye in the mornings. It didn’t both

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