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Prompt 5 – Fight

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Silvia stood against the wall in the center of the handball court. She wore a cut-off pink t-shirt and short cut-off jeans. Her heart was racing and her palms were sweaty.

She watched the boys square off in the center of the court. Two boys surrounded by dozens of others. So many people crowded into one space. Some kids climbed up on the tall fences that surrounded the court.

It was almost midnight and the crisp fall air crackled with the excitement of a fight. The crowd buzzed like a thousand insects. The streetlights nearby bathed the whole court in harsh cold light, but one of the lights flicked, making things seem unnatural, somehow digital.

Silvia saw Tommy standing stoic and still, his white sneakers aligned with the green painted line of the court. His jaw was clenched. He looked so different from the boy she had laughed with and kissed only a few hours earlier. He looked mean and hard. Silvia was confused by her body’s reaction. His cruel fighting stance made her uncomfortably aroused, like an itch deep inside of her, building.

Marco, the other boy in the fight, had his hands up and he was shouting at the crowd. “This motherfucker thinks he can step to me?” He asked, with a cocky smile and a shake of his head.

They were so different, though Silvia knew they were distant cousins. Marco was tall and lean, in a white tank top and baggy jeans. His hair was a short buzz cut and he wore a single gold chain around his neck.

Tommy was dressed the way he was always dressed. Dark blue jeans, bright white sneakers, and a red hoodie. 

As Marco went on and on with his shit-talking, Silvia watched Tommy. She remembered their conversation over lunch. He told her that the key to the sucker punch was maintaining a completely neutral attitude in your face and body. You had to act like you are waiting for the next move and when the other guy was thinking about what that move was, wham. It has to come out of nowhere. The whole point is that the person you are sucker punching will have no defenses up at all and you can hopefully knock them out with one shot.

“And that’s why he’s a little bitch!” Marco said, finishing some long and mostly nonsensical rant.

He turned on Tommy and smiled wider, he laughed, he looked to one of his friends, like “look at this guy,” and when he turned back, wham.

Tommy was short and stocky, but strong. He worked hard every summer with his father doing construction, roofing, all kinds of physical labor. Sylvia knew from watching boxing with her brothers that Marco had a height and reach advantage, but Tommy was kind of an animal. 

She held her breath as he swung. She winced as his fist connected. Marco was jawed, his arms flew up, his body went back, but he caught himself before he fell. A hush fell over the crowd.

The two of them stood there, face to face, still for a moment. Then, after a beat, they rushed each other. Marco seemed dazed but not out, he swung twice at Tommy, but Tommy dodged easily. Marco grabbed for Tommy’s hood and they tangled for a moment. Marco got one good shot that busted Tommy’s lip, but Tommy punched him in the ear once, twice, three times and Marco fell back, this time dropping on his ass.

Silvia was off the wall, jumping up and down a little, moving forward with the crowd as people tried to get a better look. 

Tommy stepped back. It wasn’t the kind of fight where you kicked someone when they were down. Sylvia knew if Tommy did something like that, Marco’s friends would rip him apart. These were two guys with a legitimate beef, fighting it out. No knives, no guns, no bullshit.

Marco got up but was shaky. Tommy walked up and held out his open hand. If Marco took it, it would be over. Marco slapped it away and spit at him. Silvia could see the white sparkle in the streetlights and land of Tommy’s hoodie.

Time seemed to stop for a moment. Silvia watched Tommy’s eyes go wide. He took one big step and used the momentum to punch Marco in the face once more. Marco tried to block, but it was no use.

The sick meaty slap of the punch rose over the din of the kids shouting. Silvia felt it in her belly. Then Marco was down, finally, for good and everyone was screaming, cheering, grabbing Tommy, and chanting his name.

Silvia pushed her way through the crowd. She smiled wide-eyed at him, scared and electrified by what she saw. He grabbed her and they kissed. She tasted the blood from his lip. His hoodie was sweat-soaked. Their eyes met and she licked her lip. He smiled before the crowd pushed them out into the midnight streets.

This post is part of Flash Fiction February from Storytelling Collective.

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