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Prompt 7 – Storm

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Three out of the four lights in the parking lot of the motel were out, which left the place in eerie half-lit shadows until the lighting came. In one brief moment, the long salt bleached grey-blue building, with its eight sets of doors and windows, all trimmed in dingy white, were exposed.

Rick got out of the car and dropped his cigarette in a puddle. The rain had let up for the moment, or maybe they were in the eye of the storm. He looked up at the silver of the moon that peeked out from the thick black and gray clouds and felt a few cold fat drops of rain on his face.

He looked at his car and Annie watching him from the passenger seat and then flipped up his collar against the wind and went to find the manager of the place.

It seemed strange that there would be another customer waiting, but there were two men, one tall and one short, talking to the mousy woman behind the counter. Her nametag said “Tilly.” 

“We just wanna know if you seen this guy?” Said the short one, pushing a photo at the clerk. The other one spotted Rick and tapped his friend. They both straightened.

Rick eyed all three people in the little office and then swallowed. “Don’t mean to interrupt, I just need a room before the sky starts falling.”

Tilly, behind the counter, got a key and the sign-in book. “Sure, mister, you just gotta sign in. It’s $5 for the night.”

The two men stepped aside and let Rick check-in. Their eyes were steady on him.

“Well, you want me to look at the picture too, or you’re just going to stare at me?” Rick asked after he got his key. 

The tall one balled his hand in a fist, but the short one put his hand on his shoulder. “Easy Brock. Sure, buddy. Take a good look,” he said, holding up a grainy photo that looked like it had been blown up a few times. Rick gave it a once over.

“Looks like the fella on the news. The bank robber,” Rick said, looking at each of them. “You two the fuzz or somethin’?”

The tall one shook off his friend’s hand and stepped forward. “Or somethin’, now scram.”

Rick eyed the three of them and then turned, stepping out into a torrent of rain.

Annie’s eyes bulged as Rick got back in the car soaking wet. He pulled around to their room and the two of them grabbed their bags and ran to the door.

Inside they peeled off their wet clothes and sat on the two beds facing each other in their skivvies. Annie looked a bit pathetic with her wet hair and running makeup.

“There were two thugs at the front desk looking for the bank robber from the news.”

Annie’s eyes widened. She nodded. “Guess that’s what happens when you knock over a mob-run bank. Tough Tony’s guys are probably crawling over every inch the cops don’t have their mitts.”

Rick nodded. “That guy must be an idiot. A mob-run bank? Then getting his face shown all over the news?”

Annie smiled. “I almost feel bad for him. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,” she said, walking over, picking up her suitcase, and sitting next to him.

“Even worse, I hear the two rotten criminals he got to plan the whole thing and drive the getaway car left him for dead in an alley,” she said, pulling out two revolvers and handing one to Rick.

“Can’t trust anybody these days,” he said, shaking his head.

She sat on his lap, bitting his ear and holding the gun close to her back. “They made a pretty clean getaway, but they need to be careful,” she said, moving in and sucking on Rick’s ear.

“Can’t chance running into two of Tommy’s thugs. We better take care of them,” Rick said, kissing her neck.

“Plus the front desk clerk,” Annie said, with a wicked grin.

“Damn shame, she’s cute,” Rick said, slipping Annie off his lap and standing up.

Annie cocked her gun and put on Rick’s fedora. “Well, just because we’re gonna kill her doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun first.”

“Sick fuck,” he said, shaking his head at her.

“Murderer,” she said back.

“I fucking love you,” he said, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her.

“You better,” she said, cutting her eyes and pointing her gun at him.

He laughed and she laughed and outside the thunder crashed.

This post is part of Flash Fiction February from Storytelling Collective.

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