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Scheduling Conflict

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The first thing Becky noticed about the bar was how everything seemed to have an amber glow. The dark flocked damask wallpaper, the dark wood of the bar and tables, the candlelight reflecting off the mirrors behind the bar. It was a beautiful place, filled with glimmering bottles of mysterious elixirs and rows of empty leather topped stools. Becky had to imagine in a few hours the place would be packed with beautiful people, but it was only 5pm on a Tuesday, so there was only one beautiful person there and she was there to meet her.

The woman she was to meet was sitting at the end of the bar, finishing a ruby colored cocktail. As she put down her empty glass, the handsome bartender in the white dress shirt and black tie and vest shook up another drink and replaced her glass with a new one, filling it and topping it with an orange peel with a flourish. The woman and the bartender shared a smile.

It was hard to approach someone who looked so unapproachable, but Becky had a task to complete.

The woman at the bar wore a beautiful black dress, she had lovely curly black hair and perfect makeup. There was something theatrical about her, yet she looked as if she belonged there, on that barstool, as if the room wouldn’t be complete without her there. She looked up and saw Becky and gave her a very welcoming smile. 

Becky had cut her hair short, bleached it and dyed it a light purple, and she suddenly felt self conscious about the choice. She certainly didn’t feel as classy and elegant as the woman she was meeting, but she put on a brave face and a big smile and walked up to take the stool next to her.

“Ms. Rose,” the woman said, holding out her hand, with a pretty but somewhat guarded smile.

“It’s lovely to meet you Ms. Rose. I’m Becky-um-Rebecca,” Becky said, wishing she hadn’t.

“I’ve only heard you referred to as Becky, is that what you prefer?”

Her mouth opened and closed and finally she just nodded yes.

“I’m a little nervous,” Becky said with a laugh.

Ms. Rose didn’t, Becky noticed, tell her not to be nervous. She just smiled and sipped her drink.

“Would you like something?”

Becky considered it.

“Just a coke?” Becky said, realizing she was making everything she said sound like a question.

Sometimes she got nervous and it was bad. Like when she was going in for a job interview. Sometimes it was very good, like when she was blindfolded and waiting for something to happen. Sitting down next to Ms. Rose she felt a heady combination of both.

“So you want to go out with my boyfriend,” Ms. Rose said, taking another sip and smiling expectantly.

Becky forced a nervous smile in return.

“Yes, um, I mean, if that would be okay,” she said.

The bartender put her coke down and Becky jumped a little.

“I hope you don’t mind that I sometimes like to handle his scheduling of these sorts of things.”

Becky shrugged.

“Oh, no, I’ve wanted to meet you for a while,” Becky said, hoping she didn’t sound as stupid as she felt.

“Good. I’m glad. I’ve been eager to meet you, too. So, how did you two meet?” Ms. Rose asked, politely but with a bit of businesslike edge.

Ms. Rose took a leather bound book out of her voluminous handbag and placed it on the bar. Becky sipped her drink.

“At a party a few weeks ago. He spanked me,” she said, trying to calm her nerves.

“Ah, of course. A spanking. And that was all?” Ms. Rose asked, opening the book and looking through some pages Becky couldn’t see the contents of.

“Um, I think he used a paddle too. And he squeezed my boobs. He asked first,” she said, feeling like an idiot for using the word boobs in front of someone so classy.

Ms. Rose smirked at that, then, just for a moment, her keen eyes dipped down to Becky’s top, her cleavage, and she let out a very subtle sound. It was an approving sound.

“That all checks out. And did you enjoy that scene?” Ms. Rose asked, a little more seriously.

Becky nodded.

“Could you elaborate, please, Becky?”

Becky sipped her Coke and cleared her throat.

“I enjoyed playing with him very much. He was very charming and handsome and he made me laugh all through the evening. He, um, negotiated really clearly and after sort of figuring out that I’m a huge pain slut he hit me really hard, which was awesome for me,” Becky said, before taking a big breath.

Ms. Rose nodded thoughtfully and jotted something down in her notebook.

“Well that sounds lovely,” Ms. Rose said kindly.

“I supposed he told you of his various proclivities? All the little things he enjoys?”

Becky nodded.

“And I assume you feel comfortable satisfying his whims?”

Becky nodded again.

“I like satisfying whims very much,” Becky added.

That made Ms. Rose smile wide.

“That’s very good to hear. Now, may I examine you a bit?” Ms. Rose asked, looking Becky right in the eye.

Becky demurred a bit. She blushed.

“Yes, Ms. Rose, ma’am. You can absolutely examine me in any way you see fit.”

Ms. Rose looked grateful and brushed her thumb over Becky’s cheek and gave the girl an approving nod. Then, with her pen, she lifted Becky’s skirt slightly, so she could see the pretty black and purple striped socks that went far up the girl’s legs.

“Thigh high socks?”

Becky nodded eagerly. Ms. Rose scribbled something else down in her notebook. 

Ms. Rose looked over to the bartender, who was busying himself washing glasses at the other end of the bar. She looked over at Becky and reached down and grabbed the stool Becky sat on and pulled it and the girl closer.

“And I assume he has told you how he prefers no panties?”

Becky swallowed.

“Yes, ma’am,” she whispered.

“And of course, though he doesn’t always get everything he wants, has he mentioned his grooming predilections?”

Becky nodded vigorously.

“Freshly waxed, ma’am,” she whispered.

Ms. Rose moved closer and the girl sat still, shaking a little.

“I’ll, of course, need to check both of those last points, Becky.”

Becky bit her bottom lip and making sure the bartender was busy, she lifted her skirt over her knees and to her mid thighs. Ms. Rose placed her hands on Becky’s thigh and moved it up, under her skirt, up her thigh, and very thoroughly assessed the situation.

Becky covered her mouth so as not to let out a sound as Ms. Rose’s fingers made quick work of what was left of the girl’s defences.

Then Ms. Rose was jotting down some more notes, watching the girl as she casually sucked her middle and forefingers.

“Well, you seem lovely, Becky. I’m so glad you two get along. He does have a very busy month coming up, I know it’s only two day’s notice but are you available this Friday?”

Becky nodded again.

“Yes, um, ma’am, Friday is great.”

“I’m so glad. Let’s say eight? He’ll write you with details, I’m sure.”

“Thank you, Ms. Rose, that sounds perfect.”

Ms. Rose turned and smiled warmly at Becky and the girl blushed again.

“I think you should fuck him, Becky. Do you think you might like to do that?”

Becky let out a little giggle and nodded.

“I think I’d like that Ms. Rose.”

Ms. Rose patted the girl’s thigh and leaned in.

“Could I have a kiss and then send you on your way, Becky?”

Becky nodded once more and leaned forward for a chaste, but potent kiss on Ms. Rose’s lips.

Then Beckly promptly fell off her stool.

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