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Sci-Fi Sex

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Strange and wild sexual adventures. From deep in space, where lonely astronauts find comfort in sex clones, to dark tales of mind control, to bizarre stories of tentacle sex, to the unboxing of a brand new sexbot, these stories are full of surprises. They are angsty, funny, literary, and always very dirty.


Stories in the anthology include:


Leah just purchased the R4900 ServiceBot, a fully functional android personal assistant nicknamed the “Girlfriend Material” model. The unboxing of her new purchase turns out to be life changing. (fembot)

Sumer Sleeps in Winter Orbit In Mars High Orbit

Baker finally opens the clone he purchased to keep him company. (clones)

Transit of Venus

The sea is full of mysteries. A lonely broken man finds solace in a beachside home. He is visited by a beautiful spirit of the sea and then that spirit’s dark master. (tentacle, horror)


Samual has lived for a long time honing his power. He jumps into other people’s bodies. Still, even after so many adventures, a beautiful stranger can show him something new. (mind control)


A “Dear John” letter and a very modern breakup aid. When David wakes up to find his wife gone, he finds a replacement left to comfort him. Rejects Novek was the only one on the spaceship besides the officers who has his own sex clone. The only reason he was able to get his was because he found her in the trash. Rejects tend to stick together. (clones)

Storm Warning

Caitlin loves her apartment, though her upstairs neighbor is a bit creepy. Or is he? Seems her mind is changing about him every day. (mind control)

The Long Run

Those Earth girls break your heart every time. That’s why it’s better to just clone them a few times than try to get them to love you. (clones)

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