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As Jason showed me around the big house, I was impressed by the space. A modern kitchen with a six-burner stove. A fireplace and huge television in the living room.

“We have a hot tub out on the back deck. Business-class internet. The neighborhood is great—lots of cool little shops and good restaurants. In here, we have a couple of pieces of workout gear,” he said, opening a door to a small room with a recumbent bike, treadmill, and row of free weights.

“Oh, and this is pretty cool, you might like this,” he said, opening another door. Inside was a small bedroom, decorated mostly in pink. On the bed was a woman in her early twenties lying on her belly. She was playing a handheld video game. She wore a pink crop top t-shirt and long knee-high socks, and nothing else. She had a big pillow under her belly, which pushed her big round butt in the air.

“This is Angela. We can all use her whenever we want.”

She looked back at us over her shoulder for a moment. She was chewing gum and pouting a little. She looked me over and rolled her eyes before going back to her game.

I was hypnotized by her thick thighs.

“You wanna give her a quick go before you decide?” Jason asked with a conspiratorial smirk.

“You don’t mind? I mean, she’s cool with that?”

He laughed a little. “Ang, can this dude fuck you?”

She shrugged. “Whatever. I’m going to keep playing my game.”

He patted me on the back, and I stepped into the room. He closed the door behind me.

She didn’t really move. She continued to play her game. I walked up to the bed and experimentally touched her leg. She didn’t react. I slid my finger up her leg to her ass and squeezed it.

I looked at the door. I looked down at her. I shrugged.

I knelt on the bed and leaned over, and kissed her thick ass. I spread her cheeks and saw the little chubby split peach of her pussy. The lips shaved hairless with a little triangle of dark hair above.

I groaned. I wanted more. Looking down at her, I considered what to do and decided just to move her how I wanted. I took her leg and pushed and pulled her. She let out a little annoyed sigh but rolled over on her back.

She had a little belly that made me swoon and smallish tits under her loose pink top that made my mouth water.

She held her video game up, not looking at me as I pushed her legs apart and sank down between them. Face to face with unexpected new pussy. Could there be anything better? I leaned in and licked the fat lips, slipping my tongue between them and finding her wet.

I gave myself a few moments to relish the taste of her, the feel of her on my tongue, holding her thigh open and exploring her. What decadence.

Kneeling, I saw her still playing her game, though her cheeks were red. I pulled open my belt and unzipped my pants, finally freeing my aching cock. I spat on my hand and stroked myself a few times. Then, knowing I didn’t have much time, I moved forward, pressing my cock against the wetness of her cunt.

Reaching up, I pushed her shirt over her tits, exposing her puffy brown nipples. I squeezed them and marveled at their pertness. As I played with them, I slipped my cock against her wetness. I was impatient and slipped into her. For the first time, she made a slight sound, a little caught breath.

My hands went to her hips, which seemed shaped for my grip, and I pushed all the way into her. It all seemed to be going so fast, not some drawn-out teasing flirtation, but just using someone quickly and easily.

She was wet and tight and hot, and the feel of her soft hips drove me faster. I love the feel of her skin as I fucked her. I felt her belly and her tits again and even reached down and held her ass as I got deeper into her. I pulled her legs up, spreading her wider, pushing her legs over my shoulders to pound into her as far as I could.

Honestly, it didn’t take long. Her body pushed me to the edge fast, and before I knew it, I was coming, coming inside of her, shooting my come into this warm wet stranger. This bored little video game girl’s chubby little pussy.

Then I was stumbling back, panting and fumbling with my pants and belt.

After a moment of collecting myself, I opened the door to see Jason leaning against the wall, scrolling on his phone.

“Pretty dope, right? Nice thing to have in the house.”

I weakly nodded.

“Ew, Jason, tell Darryl to come in here, I’m all leaky now,” she said in her bratty tone.

“Yo, D! Cleanup on easel three,” he shouted down the hall. “Anyhow, think about it and let us know. If you are interested, you can move in on the first.”

I nodded, still a bit out of it, as he led me to the door. I still had two more places to see, but Jason’s place really seemed like somewhere I could call home.


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