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Sleepy Girls

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She was such a pretty girl when she was sleeping. So soft and pliable, with her eyes closed and her defenses down. Her warm skin under soft sheets called to me, and I couldn’t keep my hungry hands away.

Tiny kisses wouldn’t wake her. Neither did the careful parting of her legs. In nothing but a t-shirt, it was easy enough to push up the well-worn fabric to her neck and expose everything.

Then feasting on her with my eyes was easy. All her shyness was meaningless. There was no shame, only delicious exposure. Her big tits were all mine, as was the softness of her belly. The naked, vulnerable split of her pussy making my mouth water and my cock hard.

The game was how much I could do without waking her up.

I brushed my fingers softly across the smoothness of her breasts, holding in the groan her hot skin brought to my lips. I traced the slightly darker circles of her nipples, which harden instinctually, and I wondered what other reactions I could get out of her sleeping body.

Kneeling between her open legs, I was close enough to feel the inviting heat of her pussy. As I stroked myself, I just barely made contact with the lips of her cunt as I pictured my hard cock slipping in, pictured shooting my come inside of her.

I reached over for the little bottle of lube I had brought with me. I poured out a little puddle into the palm of my hand. After the roughness of my dry hand toying with cock the warm slickness was intoxicating.

Running my hands lightly over her body, there came a point when my need was too much, and I couldn’t be careful anymore. I didn’t want to look up to see if she was awake. I just wanted to use her pretty sleeping body like a little ragdoll.

I moved forward a little more and let the now slippery head of my cock rub against her, not slipping in, just rubbing. My hands slipped up her soft belly to cup her breasts. I moved back and forth slowly, my slick cock slipped over the lips of her pussy again and then, like a magnet, getting pulled right into her pussy.

After I penetrated her, a dam broke inside of me, and I felt possessed. My hands squeezed her breasts harder, and my cock pushed all the way into her, fucking her fast and hard as her sleepy body squirmed.

I buried my face in her neck, her sweet smelling hair tickling my cheeks. I kissed her skin as I held her down and fucked her.

I vaguely heard her whimpers and moans under me, but in my head, she was still a sleeping doll—a sweet tight wet little hole for me to use.

My hands moved down to her hips as I fucked her harder, my cock going deeper and the electric heat starting in my chest. Then I was coming, shooting my come into her, the wetness making me slip in and out faster. It felt so good it was almost impossible to keep going, but I did. I fucked her through my orgasm.

Finally, I collapsed on her, panting into her ear to go back to sleep, that it was just a dream. Shh. Shh.

And she did. She drifted to sleep with me until I woke up to use her again.


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