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This site contains explicit stories of sexual & kinky fantasies and is not intended for readers under 18.

“Then what happened?” Kimmy asked in a whisper.

They were walking across the quad, arm in arm, Kimmy and Amber, thick as thieves.

“Well, um, promise you won’t tell anyone?” Amber asked, pulling her friend closer. Kimmy nodded vigorously. 

“I don’t know. It sort of started as a joke. I knew why Chad kept sneaking over to our room. I knew Kaylee was faithful and wouldn’t, like, you know. But Chad is so hot. I knew he was trying to get  her to, you know, like, soak.”

Kimmy nodded again. “Did she do it? 

“I don’t think she was planning on it, but she and Chad just started making out, like super intensely. I was in the top bunk, studying, but I could see them sort of out of the corner of my eye and it was super hot.”

Kimmy’s eyes widened. “Chad is super hot and, um, Kaylee is really pretty.”

Amber nodded. “Yeah. She is. She’s, like, the prettiest girl in our year. Chad knows what he is doing, too. He was, like, kissing her neck a lot. That totally gets Kaylee hot. I could tell. She was just wearing a kind of summer dress. Even though it’s almost fall. She’s, like, usually really pretty, but she likes Chad and you could tell she was trying to be extra pretty for him and it worked. Her hair was all done up and her makeup was perfect. She looked like a sexy princess or something.”

Kimmy sighed. “Yeah, a sexy princess. Totally.”

“They are making out and they, like, totally forgot that I was there. They were just into each other. Making out and he’s like on top of her and I can see he is starting to do that thing where his hand is making its way to her tit and it’s stupid, but I’m like watching them and rooting for him. Because Kaylee needs to lighten up. She’s totally blessed by God and totally on the righteous path, but she can have a little fun too.”

“Yeah, totally. Did he touch her tits? Kaylee’s got like, I’ve seen them in the locker room and stuff. They are, like, perfect. Like if you look up tits in the dictionary or whatever.”

Amber smirked. “Yeah, I’m her roommate. I mean, yeah. Whenever we are getting ready in the morning or whatever, she walks around after she takes a shower and I’m like, talk about being blessed by God! They are perfect. Big and perky too and her nipples are just these like pink marshmallows or something.”

The two girls got to Kimmy’s dorm and rushed to her room. Kimmy’s roommate dropped out because she was getting married, so Kimmy had a single for the rest of the semester. Amber liked to go there and hang out.

They jumped on the bed and Kimmy looked at Amber wide-eyed and eager. “What happened next? Did he pull his cock out? Lisa Smith said he’s got a big cock.”

“He kind of pulled away and told her that he should probably leave, because it was all making him too excited. It’s kind of a genius thing because at that point she was totally turned on. I could tell. I could see it in her eyes, they were kind of glazed over or something. Far away looking. She begged him to stay, but he started getting up. I was impressed. It was a baller move.”

Kimmy’s eyes looked a little glazed as she listened. Amber liked that. She liked telling stories that entranced people, especially Kimmy. It was like having power over someone.

“So finally Kaylee was like, ‘maybe I can let you see my tits for a minute,’ or something. She was sort of mumbling. Chad smiled all wide, like he knew he had her. Since she was wearing this dress, she really couldn’t like, just take down the top part. She ended up taking it off and then she was just laying there in nothing but her panties.”

Kimmy’s eyes widened. “Hot.”

Amber nodded and smiled. “Yeah, but then it was a little weird, like, he was just staring at her tits and thighs, like one of those Gazing parties or something, and Kaylee was squirming and just blurted out ‘you can, like, touch them a little if you want’ and boom, Chad was on them.”

Kimmy cuddled up to Amber, eager for more of the story. “Hot.”

“He was rubbing them really slowly and like circling around and not touching her nipples. It’s was really impressive. I was, like, um, well, I don’t know. It was like I was watching and I could almost feel his hands on me or something,” Amber said, a little embarrassed, but when she looked in Kimmy’s eyes there was no judgment, in fact, her friend was nodding enthusiastically.

“When he finally rubbed her nipples, it was like, her eyes rolled back in her head. I almost laughed, because I was like, ‘those panties are coming off’ in my head. And after like five minutes of rubbing and kissing they were gone.”

“Did you see her pussy?” Kimmy asked eagerly, then her eyes went wide with shame. Amber smiled and nodded. 

“It was all shaved, so, I think maybe she kind of knew where the night was going.”

Kimmy seemed hypnotized by the image in her head. “All shaved. I bet it was pretty.”

At some point, Kimmy turned to listen more intently to her friend. Amber shifted around too. The two of them often laid in bed talking, but their position was a little different that day. Kimmy was sort of leaning against Amber’s left leg and when she shifted, her leg slipped between Kimmy’s.

Neither of them said anything or acknowledged it really, but some subtle changed happened, and as Amber went on, Kimmy pressed, ever so slightly, down on her friend’s leg.

“I don’t know what happened really, but when her panties were off, both of them changed. There wasn’t a lot of talking, just kissing and then rolling around. Chad took off his clothes super fast and then, I could see some definitely rubbing.”

Kimmy let out a little sigh. “Rubbing is really fun. Mike Thorton used to come over and we would rub and rub against each other, but never go it. It drove him crazy. Once he got so worked up he ran out and jumped in a lake in the middle of October!”

Amber laughed and as she did, she moved her knee up a little. Kimmy bit her lip and her hips moved up and down slowly.

“There was just enough light that I could see his, well, you know. I could see his cock was wet from rubbing against her. She was making little moaning noises. He was holding himself up on top of her and, like, his arms were all muscular and his back was super cut and he reached up and grabbed one of her tits and she started making higher-pitched little moans.”

“Higher-pitched? Fuck,” Kimmy said, her eyes unfocused and far away.

“And then I heard her say it. I had to cover my mouth to stop from laughing. She hand her hands on his hips and she went, ‘maybe just for a second, you can put it in. It’s okay if we don’t move, right?’” Amber said, giving Kaylee a little girl voice.

“Oh, fuck. He really did it? After all that rubbing? Finally slipping it in? I bet he was rock hard and she was dripping wet,” Kimmy said, actively grinding against Amber’s leg.

“I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sound he made when he slipped it in. Fuck, it made me wish I had a cock. Imagine slipping your cock into Kaylee fucking Jensen’s dripping wet perfectly shaved pussy?”

Kimmy didn’t say anything. Her eyes were closed and she was grinding hard and fast on her friend’s leg.

“So at that point they were just laying there, kissing, super still, and I decided I needed to do something. So I climbed down from my bunk, super quiet. I tiptoed over and I had this ridiculously huge smile. I got right next to them and I’m looking at Chad’s ass, which is ridiculously nice, like a bubble butt,” Amber says, smiling and then rolling her eyes as she sees how far Kimmy is getting, grinding and riding her leg. 

“So I just really loud say ‘hey guys, whatcha doin’?’ And I swear to God both of them like jump a foot into the air.

Kimmy smiled weakly. She seemed a little bashful all of the sudden. She swallowed and looked around the empty room.

“Are you hot, Am? I’m, like, super hot today. It’s weird. Would it be, like, weird if I took my pants off? It’s cool if it’s just us in here, right?”

Amber rolled her eyes again. “Stop being a dork, I sleep over all the time. It’s your room, take off whatever you want. I don’t even care if you’re naked or whatever.”

Kimmy seemed to consider it. “No, just these jeans are super uncomfortable. I hate American Eagle. I should just, like, throw away these jeans,” she said, getting up and taking off the offending denim. 

Kimmy had a big butt. Amber was kind of jealous of it. She liked how it looked when Kimmy turned and pulled her jeans down over that big butt. 

When Kimmy came back to the bed, Amber made sure to move her friend to the same position. She could feel heat on her thigh as Kimmy spread her legs wider and straddled Amber’s leg. Amber rested her hand on Kimmy’s thick ass and enjoyed the cool softness.

“What happened next?” Kimmy asked, breathlessly.

“They both tried to kind of play it off cool. I mean, as cool as they could being naked with his dick inside of her. They were like ‘oh, hay Amber, didn’t know you were home. We’re just chillin’ or something.”

Kimmy had a dizzy grin. Amber felt her friend’s hot wet pussy on her leg as if the thin panties weren’t even there. She liked to see Kimmy desperate.

“Did you, like, do stuff?” Kimmy asked, between gasps.

Amber waited a moment to tell. She savored the need in Kimmy’s voice.

“Well, I got up on her bed. Like, I stood on it. And I, like, knew his cock was inside of her and she was all tight and wet. And then, like, I put my foot on his back, so I was kind of controlling him. His skin was super hot against the sole of my foot. And I, like, just pushed forward. I put my weight on my foot and all those muscles in his back tightened and there was this sound. I mean, like, Kaylee made this sound. It was like a moan. And, I don’t know. It just sounded really hot. It was kind of like, it was me fucking her. Because my foot pushed him. So I did it again and again and then they were, like, really fucking. I was doing it.”

Kimmy’s breath caught, once, twice, again. Amber smiled as her friend shook against her.

“It didn’t take very long. Poor Chad. He jumped up just as he started to, you know. It shot all over Kaylee’s tits. It even got on my leg!”

“Fuck, that’s hot. I’d lick it off,” Kimmy said dreamily.

“Ew, Kimmy! That’s not very pious!” Amber said and the two girls giggled and giggled and rolled around and told each other every other dirty story they could think of.

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