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He checked his phone again, just as the blinking green dot of the location he was looking for merged with the solid blue dot that represented him. He looked up and saw the address of the building, which matched the address on the app.

He went to the building’s door, a very large and very solid metal, and glass door, and found the intercom next to it. The screen on his phone changed suddenly to instructions that read “touch your phone to the electric lock reader,” with a drawing of the square he saw on the wall.

He pressed his phone against the square, and the door audibly clicked. As he opened the door, the screen changed again and read in bold letters, “third floor, apt 3F. Safeword: broccoli.”

He took the stairs, walking slowly and considering what would come next. He stopped briefly at each floor and took a deep breath, playing out how he wanted it to go. Finally, he got to the third floor and found 3F. There was a moment of hesitation. His hand on the doorknob. When he turned it and felt that it wasn’t locked, things seemed clearer.

Opening the door quickly, he went into the apartment and locked the door. Turning, he was in a dark hallway with the only light visible in the apartment from the bathroom at the end of the hall.

Walking down the hall, his eyes adjusted to the darkness. There was a doorway that led to a living room to his left, and an open door to his right. The open door led to a bedroom dimly lit by street light through a single window. He entered the room silently.

It was a small bedroom with a single twin bed, a few tall narrow bookshelves, and a messy desk covered in books and papers. Someone was asleep in the bed, covered by a pink blanket.

He was slow and careful as he pulled the blanket and sheet up, folding it over until her body was exposed, and the covers were bundled on top of her neck and around her head.

She was lying on her back, legs, and arms slightly spread. She wore a loose, cropped white t-shirt that barely came to her belly button and a pair of pink cotton panties. The t-shirt has a cartoon cat head on it, wearing sunglasses. He bit his lip so he wouldn’t groan out loud.

Slowly, he knelt on the end of the bed, staring down at her firm-looking calves. Another moment of hesitation as he reached down, hovering over her skin as it seemed to glow in the moonlight from the window. He took a deep breath and gently touched her ankle.

Her skin was hot, smooth, and soft. She didn’t move when he touched her, and a smile spread over his face. Then he leaned down and, with a look of reverence, kissed her slight ankle. His tongue darted out, and he tasted her skin, the salt of her.

Then began the long procession up her leg. His fingers first, gently squeezing, bushing the softness of her skin, and then feeling the firmness of her calves, her thighs. Followed by his lips, kissing, groaning into her skin. Then his tongue, tasting every inch of her.

In the dark, with her face covered by a blanket, there was no shame or worry. There was no need for patience and no pressure, just the sweet smell of her skin and the warmth of her as he moved up her leg and then paused as his fingers found the edges of her panties.

Moving up her body, he felt a profound luxury as he buried his face between her legs and rubbed his face against her cotton-covered pussy.

He could smell her, all of her, all soap and sweat and pussy. It got in his blood, and he wanted to rip off those panties and see her, have her, but he closed his eyes for a moment and remembered to pace himself.

Looking up, he saw her slight belly, the softened of it, and he grinned. Soft bed, warm sheets, soft girl. It was perfect. He moved up a little more, and kissed her belly, kissed up her body until his nose touched the hem of her cropped t-shirt.

He sighed happily. Tits, to reveal like presents. What a luxury. He pushed the thin cotton up and kissed her diaphragm, up up, until just the bottoms of her breasts were visible.

The line under her breasts was decadently soft. Small spots that were often neglected, in his opinion. He reveled in them, tongue tracing the contours of her. He was drunk on her skin.

Sitting up, he pushed away the blankets and sheets and saw all of her for the first time.

It was strange to see her face. It was different than he imagined. She was young, perhaps twenty-five. He really didn’t know how to gauge people’s age very well.

She had dark hair that went just past her shoulders, dark well-shaped eyebrows, a small, slightly upturned nose. She was pretty, in a somewhat traditional way that made him wonder why she would use the app.

Her eyes were closed, but her breathing was fast. The complexity of watching her pretend to sleep was pleasantly confusing. He pulled her shirt up more, exposing her breasts complexly, and let himself groan at the sight of her large, somewhat puffy nipples—a deliciously dark coral color.

He closed his hand over one and felt the warm weight of it. He grabbed the other. He closed his eyes again and remembered rushed backseat fumbling and making out of couches during movies. There was something so hedonistic about exploring someone’s body unfettered.

Leaning down, he took one nipple into his mouth and marveled at the thickness of it, the softness, the heat, and the taste of her skin. He sucked while groping her other breast. He moved his hand down, felt the adorable swell of her tummy, then her panties.

He slipped his hand under them, his fingers finding soft curls and warmth. “Mine, mine, mine,” he whispered to himself. It felt glorious. He pushed his fingers farther down and gasped as he found heat and wetness.

It was difficult not to watch her face as his fingers slid up and down her wet slit. He wanted to see her mask of pretend sleeping crack, but at the same time, he was enamored with the fantasy.

He decided to focus on her pussy. His pussy. The one that belonged to him. The one his finger was slowly slipping into. He closed his eyes as his wet finger slipped between her lip and hunted for the core of the heat.

She was soaked. It was like a drug, feeling how wet she was. It was ruining his patience. It was making him want to go faster. He wondered why exactly he was holding himself back.

He pulled his hand out of her panties and saw the pink cotton was dark at the crotch. He smiled at that and then began pulling the panties off.

It took a bit of work. The awkwardness of moving a limp body around, but it was rewarding. He was going to pull off her shirt too, but he found he liked the luridness of the shirt pushed up and bunched up around her neck.

He moved the blankets and sheets away and propped her head up on a pillow. He noticed her freckles for the first time. Suddenly, shaking his head, he laughed at himself. Why was he fumbling in the dark? He got up and found the light switch.

He stood and got his first good look at her, all of her, in the full light. As his eyes moved up and down her naked body, he kicked off his shoes. He pulled off his belt and noticed just a little flicker of something in her closed eyes when she heard the sound.

He pulled off his pants and felt his cock hard and thick under his boxer shorts. He took hold of it through the thin material and squeezed. Soon. Soon he would fuck her, but first, he wanted to inspect her a little more.

He stood close to the bed and pulled her legs apart. He spread them wide, and his eyes were glued to the neat triangle of hair between her legs. It was somewhat manicured, with hair on the mons but shaved clean around the lips. It looked so pretty. All of her looked so pretty, like a toy, like candy, like a prize.

He crawled back on the bed and sucked each of her nipples again, one at a time, and felt the delicious softness of her breasts. Then he kissed down her body, feeling her soft skin on his cheeks and lips until finally, he was between her legs.

He opened her legs and the lips of her pussy and saw the slick little folds and coral curves of her. He could smell her, a soft, salty smell that made his cock swell and his mind swim with want. He moved forward and put his mouth over her pussy, taking one long lick. Then he explored her with his tongue.

There was an incredible freedom in exploring her and going down on her for his own pleasure. He’s always loved eating pussy, but it was different in that moment. The goal had shifted from his partner’s pleasure to his own. He realized it was always something that brought him pleasure, but in that moment, the act was heightened to a fetish level.

He wasn’t going down on her, he was enjoying her pussy. Oh, and how he was enjoying it. He sucked and lapped at her, inhaling the scent of her, pushing his tongue into her. He slipped his hand under her ass and held her up to his mouth like a goblet.

He pushed and pulled her around, so that he could have her however he wanted. He pushed her legs up in the air and held her there by her thighs, and licked down, down to her ass. There was no shyness or embarrassment or hands to push him away as his tongue slipped over and into her ass. He reveled in the intimacy and the control.

Finally, he went back to her pussy, finding her clit and circling it, sucking it, licking it directly until, to his surprise, he heard her gasp.

He smiled against her pussy, but didn’t look up or stop. He licked faster and slipped two fingers into her. She was tight and so wet she dripped. He fucked her with his fingers and sucked on her clit until she squirmed. Squirmed! It thrilled him.

He got up on his knees, pushing his boxers down and taking his cock out. He spit on his hand and rubbed the now aching head of his cock. It was time. It was time to really have her, to take her, and his brain was racing with the need to slip inside of her.

He moved her to his favorite position, putting her on her side with one leg pushed up. It gave him full access to her and would let him go as deep as he wanted. As he pressed the head of his cock against her, the sensation was almost overpowering. There was a rush of forbidden ecstasy seeing his naked cock against this stranger’s cunt. The thing you weren’t supposed to do. He pushed the knowledge of the tests he had taken and the contracts he had signed to the back of his mind and just enjoyed the wrongness of it, the badness, as he rubbed his cock over her lips, over her clit, teasing himself.

When he finally slipped it into her, it was remarkably easy. She was so wet, so smooth, it felt like his whole body was enveloped in the heat of her. He pushed forward slowly until his entire cock was inside of her, and then something snapped inside of him. The need broke, crested, and he fucked her hard. Once his cock was wet with her, it was easy to slip in and out, and in the position he had her in, he pushed as deep as he could.

His hands moved up, one slapping her ass and then holding on to her hip, the other pawing at one of her breasts, squeezing, pulling at her nipple. He used her like a sex doll, like a rag doll, moving her so that he could get deeper, sucking on her nipples, burying his head in her neck, her hair, finally pulling her hair to steady her head still while he fucked her and kissing her closed lips.

That what he needed, at that moment, it was kissing her while fucking her. He pulled her body tight to him and kept thrusting as he kissed her, her mouth opening and his tongue inside of her. Then his thrusts became desperate, his muscles tightening. He held her steady as he fucked her harder, and he heard himself moan, gasp, curse as he did it, as he came inside of her as he shot come into this pretty stranger, right in her bed, right as she slept.

He was gasping for air, his cock still inside of her, hot and sticky. He pushed in and out a few more times, enjoying the overstimulation. Then he stood on rubbery legs, his knees sore, his head spinning.

He backed up and enjoyed the sight of her, disheveled and naked, red marks on her ass, his come dripping out between her legs. It was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen.

Taking a deep breath, he pulled up his boxers and put his pants back on, as his heart started to slow down. He sighed. He wondered what would happen when he left. When would she open her eyes? Would she finger herself? Would she pull out the Hitachi he just knew she had waiting in a drawer?

He smiled at the thought and laughed. He put his shoes on and went over to the bed again. He kissed each of her nipples on more time and then kissed her on the lips. He whispered in her ear, “our little secret.” Then he left.

The next day he saw she rated him five stars on the app.

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