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The Sex Cats of Halloween

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I’m not sure how or why, but one Halloween I decided to collect stray cats.

It started on the L train. Her name was Bianca, she was in college. She seemed a little self-conscious about how low cut her dress was and how the tops of her thigh highs were visible when she walked because her dress was so short.

Her costume was just a black dress, black thigh-high stockings held up with a pretty garter belt, cat ears, and whiskers drawn on her cheeks.

Her eyes were very wide and thickly rimmed with black eyeliner, a sharp wing at the edges of each eye. She was pretty and chubby and blushed when I complimented her dark red lipstick.

She was shy at first, but I was charming. She had left a party her friend threw early. She didn’t like the vibe. I told her I was collecting cats and we would make our own party. She thought it was a good idea.

Diane was in her late thirties, in a black bodysuit with a tail. She was proud of her muscular legs and tight ass. Her ears stood high on her head. She was up for fun.

Calvin was a leopard. He was six feet tall with pretty eyes and a funky spotted vest.

Morgan was a little goth girl. A skin-tight Bauhaus t-shirt with the neck cut low. A longish skirt that tried in vain to cover a wonderfully huge ass. A pierced lip and even more kohl on her eyes than Bianca. She was dubious of my presentation, but since we had a group it was getting easier to convince people.

We found a pack of three more on the next block, their noses black and their whiskers fierce. They had matching black sheath dresses and tights that had cat heads in the knees. They couldn’t find the party they were going to so they decided our party would do.

An hour later I was in my apartment with a dozen and a half cats.

There was a puma named Dale who was a DJ. He plugged his phone into my stereo system and in minutes music was pumping.

My living room became a surreal Andrew Lloyd Webber set. Cat on cat dancing, ears, and hands in the air. Tails swayed and drawn on whiskers were smudged as kittens kissed and toms wrestled.

I found myself on my bed with Bianca and Morgan. The former demure and coquettish, the latter hungry and feral. Morgan eyed me as we both pounced on Bianca. Her lipstick was something spectacular, as it stayed perfectly un-smudged as we took turns kissing her.

All those black clothes were in the way. I swooned when Bianca’s shirt came off and she made sure her ears stayed on straight. Morgan cut her eyes at me and my awe and slowly took off her own shirt, smug as my agog grew.

The two girls kissed, their hands on each other’s tits. I moved in, kissing from neck to neck, nipple to nipple to nipple.

Morgan finished stripping Bianca and pushed her down on the bed hard, practically diving between her legs.

I saw that at the door the three matching cats were watching while sipping champagne. They looked like the girls from Heathers. I tried not to get stage fright.

Looking down I was hypnotized by Morgan’s swaying ass and her head buried between Bianca’s thick thighs.

“Can I take off your underwear,” I asked her, hoping not to interrupt.

“Yes,” she hissed, annoyed but still pushing her hips out to help me.

She eyed me as she returned to lapping at Bianca’s pussy.

The black panties slipped off her ass easily, exposing a neat peach split between her thighs. Unlike Bianca, she was a hairless.

I kissed those thighs again and again, kissed her wide ass, kissed her thick hips. Finally burying my face between her legs so hungry for her cunt I couldn’t wait any longer.

I moaned into her thighs as she moaned into Bianca’s.

“Use your fucking fingers!” Morgan commanded.

From the corner of my eye I saw that the tall leopard was standing at the door, all three Heathers on their knees in front of him, his big cock batted from one pair of lips to another.

I sunk two fingers into Morgan and her back arched.

Bianca was close. The music got louder. I heard someone laugh hysterically and champagne pop.

“Jesus, are you going to fuck me already?” Morgan said, her hand busy pumping in and out of the spread eagle kitten under her.

Bianca’s eyes opened wide.

“Yeah, you should totally fuck her. Can I, like, watch it? Like see it go in?” Bianca asked, her lipstick still perfect.

Morgan sat up, as did I. We looked at each other. We looked at the Heathers at the door, taking turns riding the leopard.

The thing that touched me most in that moment was that everyone was making sure to keep their cat ears on.

In a flash, Morgan took the lead. She moved Bianca onto the middle of the bed, then she got on her hands and her knees over her. Her big ass was at the edge of the bed, right over Bianca’s face. I stood next to the bed, my hands on Morgan’s hips, the feel of her curves and the angle of her back were perfect.

I reached over to my dresser and got a condom. I slipped it on and as I did I saw Bianca smiling up at me, her tongue between the chubby lips of Morgan’s pussy.

The entire apartment was in heat. Moans and spanks and purrs were coming from every corner. My cock pushed into the almost painful warmth of Morgan’s pussy and just as my brain tried to process that pleasure, Bianca took my balls into her mouth.

It was difficult to fuck like that, with Bianca switching from lapping at my balls and Morgan’s clit, but I pushed through. My gaze went back and forth from the two cats in their complex embrace under me to the four kittens frolicking at the door, their eyes on me.

My hands kneaded Morgan’s big ass. I fucked her harder. My hand instinctively slapped her bottom and she turned and narrowed her eyes.

“If you’re going to hit me, at least hit me hard,” she hissed.

I spanked her again, as her head leaned down to lick Bianca’s pink pussy.

A few minutes of slapping skin and labored breath and then the orgasms seemed to come in a chain reaction, starting with Bianca ending with me. My vision blurred as I came and heard others around the apartment doing the same. At the end of my orgasm, I felt a steady hand pull my cock out of Morgan. I looked down to see Bianca’s wicked smile, putting my cock in her mouth and sucking long and hard, the pleasure moving into pain.

After a minute, she let me collapse next to them. We were a wet mess on the bed for a while. From my vantage, I could see into the living room. The music had died and the cats had drifted into their more natural state, lying in little piles, cuddled together and purring.

The next morning I awoke alone, my apartment trashed, the cats no longer finding me entertaining and thus moving on.

I picked up a broom and winced as the claw marks on my neck and back stung.

It was one of the most amazing nights of my life, but as I cleaned up I thought that maybe next Halloween I might do better with rabbits.

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