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From the top of the stairs, Tom watched as they were introduced.

He always knew Katherine would meet Diane at some point. Their circles of friends were far too close for them to stay strangers forever. Diane had been in his life for years and had been his lover once. He remembered those days and nights as he watched Diane kiss Katherine’s cheek and laughed at some joke she made. Katherine had that self-deprecating charm that he imagined Diane would like.

Tom was in love with Katherine in a way he had never loved anyone. She took care of him. She was his rock as well as his inspiration. She also owned his body in a way no one had before.

Diane was some dark secret he thought of when he was alone. He had told Katherine stories, but then Tom told her all of his secrets. Watching her sip whiskey and stand near Diane, Tom’s heart ached, and his cock hardened. He knew both of their bodies. He knew what it was to have Katherine ride him or slap him or fuck him. He knew what it was to push three fingers into Diane and have her beg for more. He knew the taste of them both, and there they were, her hand on her arm for a moment as they charmed each other.

For a moment, Tom thought about stopping it. He could have, certainly. He could have pulled either of them aside and just said no, and they would give him tight-lipped kisses and mingle with other people. That’s the way they all were, and it was marvelous. It was a dream life. But he wasn’t going to do that.

Tom walked around the second floor of the opulent penthouse. There was a marble railing there, like a museum, and he kept his eye on them as he found a perch. He took a glass of champagne that passed by on a silver tray and let himself sink into the jealousy and the curiosity.

What were they talking about? He wondered if they were talking about him. He wondered if she thought Diane was pretty.

Of course she thought Diane was pretty. Perhaps at its root, that was what made the jealousy so particular. Katherine loved women, and as much as she also loved men, she was obsessed with the female form. Diane was exactly her type, all curves, and smoldering eyes. She loved Tom, she wanted him, she thought he was handsome, he knew that, but Diane was new, and Katherine had heard stories.

Tom watched Katherine lean over and whisper something to Diane, who burst out laughing and slapped her shoulder playfully. Every time they touched it set off some alarm deep inside of him. Then there was the way Diane laughed. It was beautiful and brash. Tom had forgotten that laugh, and hearing it cut through the noise of the party pulled him back into memories of their affair.

Tom felt hurt, like a kid left out on prom night. Still, his dick was hard. He had been turned on from jealousy before, but this was a very different thing. Seeing them together made him angry and horny, and confused.

Katherine looked up and caught Tom’s eye, and smiled. He weakly smiled back and raised his glass to her. They communicated with their eyes a lot, and she was asking him if he was okay. Tom tilted his head as if to say he didn’t know. He didn’t know.

Tom felt small and vulnerable, the way he did in her arms sometimes. She knew. He knew she knew.

Sometimes Katherine made him do big scary things. He remembered the first time he had sucked her cock and felt his face grow red. It was only the fact that he trusted her so much that he let her take him to the edge. He wasn’t sure about this one, though.

She stood closer to Diane and whispered into her ear again, and her head bowed a little, then she looked up at her through her thick eyelashes and nodded. Tom knew that look. She knew what Diane looked like when she showed her neck. She was a woman for whom surrender didn’t come easy, but when it did, it came completely. He knew Katherine had been forward, and Diane had bit her lip and agreed to something.

Diane walked away, and Katherine stood there with a smug grin, one hand on her hip, swaying to the music. He watched as she spoke to a pretty serving girl, briefly, then Tom found a large chair to sit in where he could still see her.

“Tired, Tom?” the host of the party said, randomly passing by.

He shrugged and smiled.

“We need you down on the dance floor!” he said with a huge smile.

His sweet Diane came back, and Katherine looked at her expectantly. She blushed, Tom could see it even from across the room, and she handed Katherine something.

It was her panties. Tom was sure of it. It was something that Tom had done once and told Katherine about. He looked around at the nearly empty second floor and adjusted himself. He was so hard he could see the outline of his cock through his pants. Katherine took the panties and put them in her pocket.

Tom blinked, looked away for a second as his adjustment of himself turned into slow rubbing through rough cotton. When he looked back, Katherine had Diane against a wall and was kissing her.

Love and love lost and longing and the building need for friction made him stand up and slam his fist on the marble railing. He closed his eyes to calm himself.

When he opened his eyes, the girl from who he had gotten the champagne had returned. She presented her silver tray. On it sat a little ball of red silk and a napkin.

“Join us in the library” was written on it in lipstick.

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