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He hit her again, a sharp spank on the ass. His hand felt like a paddle until he laid his fingers gently on her skin, examining the heat he created and the raised welts that were forming.

His light touch tickled and soothed a little, but she was tense for the next hit.

His fingers moved to her thighs, to just the edge of the crotch of her panties. His pinky just brushing the fabric, then another slap on her ass, another barrage of slaps, the vibrations of each pushing right between her legs, right where his fingers almost touched.

As he stopped again, she felt her own wetness on her inner thighs, and she pushed her ass out, hoping his fingers would move back down, move between her legs.

She realized she was humping the air, trying to make contact with his fingers, and she heard him chuckle, laughing at her wantonness.

Her face flushed as she strained for words that might entice him to touch her the way she wanted. Her heart pounded as she hoped for the strength to say those words.

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