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This site contains explicit stories of sexual & kinky fantasies and is not intended for readers under 18.

On Sundays, I always make us pancakes. Hot coffee on cold days, but if it’s warmer than 60, I make iced coffee. I love to watch the swirl of cream in one of my old pint glasses full of dark cold brew.

I love long, languid mornings. I try not to put on the television unless there is something I really want to watch. Instead, I have the newspaper, books, writing projects, and, more than anything else, the calm comfort of my phone.

After breakfast and showers and some chores around the house, I like to tie her to the bed.

I attach a short rope from the headboard to her collar. Her wrists in leather cuffs, tied above her head. Her legs spread wide, cuffs on her ankles.

Sometimes she is completely naked, but just as often, I put her in long socks. I like the black socks with the white stripes on top, or the rainbow thigh-high ones. I love the way it seems to amplify her nudity.

I try to match the blindfold with her socks. It’s the little things that make me happy.

Then she is a lazy little toy for me to use all day long.

I like to grope her breasts absentmindedly. Just squeezing and holding them while I lounge. Sucking on her nipples occasionally, between sips of coffee. Her soft belly and her thighs make lovely pillows to rest on as I read or surf around on my phone or even nap.

And if I happen to scroll through Tumblr and see something hot, maybe I find a story somewhere that turns me on or some pictures of some pretty thing, then I can roll over and push her legs further apart and bury my face between her thighs and have my way.

It’s lovely to go down on her for my own pleasure. Just explore every bit of her. See what sounds she makes. Feel her on my tongue. See how many fingers I can push into her.

Then when I’m bored of that, I can fuck her. Any way I want. Just push my cock into her and squeeze her tits and suck on her nipples and just touch her any way I want while I get off.

I love to look down and see her thighs shake and her big tits bounce as I fuck her. Watching her body react gets me closer and closer. It’s funny when I’m almost there, just thinking about coming inside of her is what gets me over the edge. I grab her tits and slam into her as I come.

Then, after I rest a bit, I get a soft towel. I wet it a little, to clean up my mess. My messy toy. Then back to napping, resting my head against her thigh.

Some Sundays I can’t get enough. Between little snacks and naps, I keep coming back to her pussy. I keep rolling through cycles of desire, fucking her hard and fast, just slipping into her slowly, starting and stopping, lingering around the edge, or just racing to come. I can do it any way I want.

I remember when we worked out the details. How strange it was that our desires fit together like some weird little puzzle. How she couldn’t think of anything better than being quiet, bound, blindfolded, and used all morning. How having a beautiful toy to keep me busy on Sunday mornings seemed like a dream come true.

When lunchtime rolls around, I untie her and take her back for a bath. I hold her and whisper what a good toy she was and feed her grilled cheese as we plan our evening together.

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    This is one I can’t stop thinking about.


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